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10 Delicious Plant Based Diet Dinner Recipes

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The best plant based dinner recipes if you're following a vegan diet, starch based diet, Forks Over Knives, or other whole foods plant based diet. Simple healthy vegan meals for dinner for weight loss to make clean eating easy for families. Also great for Meatless Monday. Easy plant based recipe ideas for beginners on a budget who want to regain health. Dairy free and vegetarian dinner ideas.

I’ve been following a plant based diet for over a month now.  It’s been life changing in the way I feel and I absolutely love being able to eat pasta, rice, and potatoes.  The biggest challenge for me has been finding tasty recipes to try for dinner.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying all the ingredients and going through all the steps of making something and it tastes terrible.  So I want to share with you the 10 most delicious plant based diet dinner recipes I’ve found so far to make your life a little easier when starting on your new diet adventure or if you just need some fresh new recipe ideas.

If you’re like me and love having variety in your plant based meals, you’ve got to check out this VEGAN UNLEASHED recipe collection. It has 5 cookbooks with some of the best plant based recipes I’ve tried.  I love that there’s an entire meal plan, a cookbook for on-the-go meals, sweet tooth recipes, and a whole collection of smoothies.  I love smoothies for breakfast!

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The Best Plant Based Diet Dinner Recipes


Mushroom Rice by RecipetineatsOpens in a new tab.

This recipe is really simple to make and so flavorful.  It also doesn’t have a ton of ingredients so it won’t cost a fortune to make.

Close up of Mushroom Rice recipe in a pot, fresh off the stove


Potato Wedges by Nora CooksOpens in a new tab.

These potato wedges are delicious and super simple to make.  You probably already have all the seasonings in your cupboard to make them.  I paired them with some steamed veggies to complete the meal.

oven roasted potato wedges on a pan with ketchup


Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff by Ela VeganOpens in a new tab.

The recipe calls for rice but I’m definitely putting it over vegan mashed potatoes the next time!  The sauce is like gravy.  So yummy!

vegan mushroom stroganoff served with gluten-free brown rice


Broccolini Pasta with Creamy White Wine Sauce by The FitchenOpens in a new tab.

Oh so good and easy to make!  This vegan dinner dish was a hit in our house.

Broccolini Pasta with Creamy White Wine Sauce – This recipe is perfect for weeknight dinners. It's so simple but looks and tastes fancy! The sauce is vegan too.


Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon by Vegan RichaOpens in a new tab.

This plant based dinner recipe is total comfort food.  It reminds me of Sunday dinner when I was a kid.

Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon served over Potato Cauliflower Mash. All Cooked in an Instant Pot together with PIP (pot in pot). ##VeganRicha Vegan #Glutenfree #Nutfree Recipe, can be #Soyfree


Tex Mex Potatoes

All I can say is YUM!  The combination of ingredients in this recipe just works.  I’m not a huge lover of beans, but I really enjoyed them in this dish.


Vegan Hashbrown Omelette by Vegan But LazyOpens in a new tab.

I love the recipes on this site because they are unbelievably easy.  This recipe uses a George Foreman grill to get the hashbrowns really crispy.  I guess technically this is a breakfast recipe, but I’m a fan of breakfast for dinner.

Vegan Hash Brown Omelette- 6 Vegan Gourmet Potato Cleanse Recipes (Starch Solution/HCLF) Fat Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog


10 Minute Sesame Garlic Noodles by Yup, It’s Vegan

This was the very first plant based dinner I ever made and I was so happy with how tasty it was.  I felt like I was eating chow mein from a Chinese restaurant.

A bowl of vegan garlic sesame noodles with two chopsticks


Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes with Carrots and Green Beans by YummlyOpens in a new tab.

This is a simple and satisfying plant based dinner recipe.  The herbs make it flavorful and the veggies add just the right sweetness.


Chipotle Vegan Burrito with Cilantro Lime Rice by Vegan HuggsOpens in a new tab.

This plant based burrito recipe will satisfy your craving for Mexican food.  Tastes just like a burrito from Chipotle.

front view of vegan burrito on a white plate. Lime and pico del gallo on the side.

I hope you love these simple plant based dinner recipes as much as I do!  If you’re just starting out on your plant based journey, this is a great resource to learn more about how it can change your body and life.Opens in a new tab.

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