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18 Unique and Fun Activities For Women Who Hate Exercise

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These are the best fun workouts ideas I've ever seen! Easy ways to lose weight and get results while having fun.


Are you looking for some ideas for making workouts fun?  Not really a gym rat but need to get your workout on?  I’m always looking for fun workouts.  I’ve gone through phases where I love the gym and then hate the gym.  I don’t have a decent gym near where I live anymore so I’ve had to get creative with my exercise.  I figured there are other ladies like me so I decided to put together some ideas of unique and fun activities for women who hate exercise.

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18 Unique And Fun Activities For Women Who Hate The Gym


If you haven’t taken a Zumba class you’re missing out!  Ok, you might feel ridiculous your first couple of classes while you learn the steps, but every single person in the class was new at some point.  They know how it feels when you’re learning the dance moves.  So don’t worry what people are thinking.  Find a friend to go with and pick a spot in the back if you feel self-conscious. The really great thing is Zumba classes are usually pay-per-class with no commitment.  You can find a class hereOpens in a new tab.. Or if you’d rather not flail around in front of people, you can get these Zumba videos to try it at home.Opens in a new tab.  Zumba burns some serious calories and is a super fun weight loss exercise!

Swimming or Water Aerobics

Many gyms offer water aerobics classes.  If you have problems with your knees, this is the workout for you!  You can burn a ton of calories with no impact on your knees.  If you have your own pool or go to a gym with an open pool, swimming laps is a great way to burn some calories.  You’ll be surprised how out of breath you are after a couple of laps! Another great way to workout in your pool at home is with water weights.Opens in a new tab.  I’ve even seen that some gyms offer classes for cycling in the water!


Who doesn’t love dancing?!  This one is great because you can do it in your living room and make up your own moves or try a video if you want something more formal.  This one is my absolute favorite!Opens in a new tab.  So go on, dance like no one is watching!  This is an activity that definitely won’t feel like exercise.

Indoor Rock Climbing

This is a great activity you can do with your kids or husband.  My upper body is my weakest.  This is an amazing fun workout to build your upper body strength!

Trampoline or Rebounding

I’ve actually had a large trampoline and a rebounder. The large trampoline is really funOpens in a new tab. and you can do lots of different things on it that are fun and burn a lot of calories and if you have kids, they’ll love it too.  Try jumping as high as you can or jump and land on your butt and then back on your feet.  You can even go to trampoline parks if you don’t want to invest in one or check out a trampoline workout class in your area.  I love the large trampoline because you can jump SO HIGH!  It’s so fun!  A rebounder is great if you have limited space.Opens in a new tab. You can do it while you watch tv and is a great fun workout to do at home.  Most of them come with a book of different exercises you can do on them besides just jumping up and down.

Trapeze Class

I haven’t tried this one, but man does it look awesome and a little scary!  It has always amazed me to see the tricks trapeze artists can do.  Now you can get a little taste of the adventure yourself.

Game Console Workout

X-BoxOpens in a new tab.PlayStationOpens in a new tab. and Wii have exercise games and dance games that are such a good time! I love love love Just Dance and they have one for every year with the current music!Opens in a new tab. Play by yourself or with your kids.  They’re great for any age.

Anti-gravity Yoga or Aerial Class

I am in awe of this workout.  It’s such an elegant art form.  I mean who doesn’t want to float around the room like an angel?!

Cardio Kickboxing

This is my favorite fitness activity for adults!  Talk about a serious calorie burn while taking out your frustrations!  My advice is to find a class that uses bags.  Hitting air isn’t nearly as gratifying or as good of a workout.  If you want to kick some serious ass, check it out! You can get a bag to use at home if there are no classes near you.Opens in a new tab.

Pole Dancing Workout

Well let’s just say your man will love you even more if you take one of these classes!  This is a fun one to do with some girlfriends.  Burn some serious calories and learn some sexy moves.

Bosu Ball Workout

There are so many exercises you can do with this piece of equipment!Opens in a new tab.  Take a class or get yourself a bosu fitness video and do it at home.  Lots of core strengthening with this one!

Bike Riding

I loved riding my bike as a kid!  I look back and wonder what happened.   Why did I stop riding my bike?  Probably because I got a car! LOL.  Bike riding is great exercise.  This is another one you can do with your kids and they’ll love you for it!

Indo Boarding

This is great for strengthening your core and balance and improving posture.   It’s a crazy contraption! Challenge yourself and give it a try!

TRX Training

Many gyms have TRX training now, but you can also buy one for your home.Opens in a new tab.  You can get all the benefits of a home gym without the bulky equipment.  It uses your body weight and let me tell you, it is challenging!  This is a great at home workout for women who hate going to the gym but still want the results.


This is another of my favorites!  You can find hiking just about anywhere.  I love to hike when I go on vacation.  It gives me a chance to see the beauty of the place I’m visiting and get a major calorie burn at the same time.  You can find trails for beginners to advanced.  This siteOpens in a new tab. is a great resource for finding trails anywhere.

Roller Skating or Rollerblading

I was the roller skating queen in my childhood back in the 80s!  I didn’t even know I was getting my workout on back then!  This is an awesome way to have fun and burn some calories.  There are still skating rinks around or you can get your own pair and skate outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Horseback Riding

This is another fun one for vacation!  Most vacation destinations have horseback riding or look a place up in your town.  You probably won’t even realize you’re burning calories!

Jumping Shoes

If you haven’t seen these, you’ve got to check them out!  Springs on your feet!  This is something kids and adults will both love! This is the jam when it comes to unique and fun activities for women who hate exercise! You can get a pair here!Opens in a new tab. Check out this video to see them in action!

I hope you’ve found some fun workouts to try and you realize working out doesn’t always mean going to the gym and it doesn’t have to be boring.  Find an activity you love that doesn’t feel like exercise to you!  No excuses!  Get it, girl!



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