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5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Shyness With Law of Attraction

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Is your shyness holding you back from living the life you dream of?

I’ll show you how to get rid of shyness fast with my easy 5 step framework using law of attraction techniques.

If you’re avoiding doing certain things or dreading situations in your life where you have to interact with people and it’s affecting your whole life and keeping you from your dreams, you’re not alone.

I was so shy growing up and even as an adult.  I was the kid hiding behind my mom’s leg when someone tried to talk to me.

I had a hard time making friends as a child and as an adult because of my shyness.

As I got into high school and adulthood people began to mistake my shyness for me being stuck up.

I had to start facing my shyness when I was a nail technician because I had new clients that I would have to sit with for an hour or more.  But I still struggled and let them do most of the talking until I got to know them better.

When I decided to start an online business, I started with a blog because I could hide behind it, but I really wanted to have my own YouTube channel too.  The thought of getting on camera made me so nervous.

When you start to see that your shyness is keeping you from your dreams is when you really realize that you have to do something about it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have a life I’m unhappy with just because I can’t get over my shyness so I can live my dreams.

These steps are an easy way you can stop being shy and awkward immediately with these 5 activities to get rid of shyness.

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5 Law of Attraction Activities To Overcome Shyness FAST

get rid of shyness with law of attraction

1.  Write down all of your strengths and amazing things about yourself and your life and read them every morning before you start your day.

We often focus on all the negative things about ourselves which brings down our confidence and makes us even more shy.

By reading these awesome things about yourself and your life, you’ll remember at the beginning of every day how much great stuff you have going on which will give you an instant boost in confidence at the start of your day.

2.  Try to remember the first time you felt shy.

By remembering the first time, you may be able to pinpoint what caused your shyness in the first place.

Sometimes shyness can be a genetic personality trait, but in many cases it was an experience that killed your confidence and made you want to crawl inside yourself and hide.

3.  Say affirmations for shyness every morning.

For the best results, stand looking at yourself in the mirror in a super hero stance (chin up, chest out, hands in a fist and on your waist, legs shoulder width apart).

Be sure to read this post I wrote about how to get your affirmations to actually work.Opens in a new tab.

Some examples of positive affirmations for shyness:

  • I am working toward and growing more confident every day.
  • Other people like me.
  • I am becoming more comfortable around people every day.

Grab my cute free printable PDF with TONS of affirmations to overcome shyness.Opens in a new tab.

4.  Script about a situation where you would feel shy.

Scripting is writing about an event or situation in detail as you want it to be.

Choose something small to script about, not a situation that feels too big.

Maybe an event that’s coming up that makes you nervous that you’ll feel shy.

Write exactly how you want to be in detail in that situation.

How will you feel if you’re not being shy?

How will you interact with people?

You can learn all about how to script for confidence here.Opens in a new tab.

5.  Put yourself in the situation you wrote about and act just as you’ve written in your script.

If you wrote that you started a conversation, then do that.

Do whatever you said in your script.  You’ve written your dream.  Now live it.

Once you have a small experience where you overcome your shyness, you’ll start to feel more comfortable to push yourself on a larger scale like a small party or doing that bigger thing that scares you.

As you do the affirmations and daily strengths each day, it will become easier and easier to see yourself as more confident and less shy.

One more thing you can do to overcome shyness and social anxiety

If you don’t feel confident that you can get over your shyness on your own, I found this guy, Sean Cooper, who totally gets what it’s like to live with shyness and social anxiety.

He suffered with social anxiety until he came up with his own method to get over it.

He created this program that is just for people like usOpens in a new tab. who struggle with shyness and worrying about what others think about us and lack the confidence to go for our dreams.

I’ve never found anyone else that gets it like this guy does and uses science to explain why we are the way we are and what we can do about it.

If you’re sick and tired of living life being ruled by your shyness, you NEED to check out his website.Opens in a new tab.

What causes a person to be shy?

Shyness can be caused by genetics sometimes, but it is usually due to something we experienced during the formative years. 

Someone may have said something about you that squashed your self confidence.

Or you may have witnessed something happen to someone else that caused you to have a belief that resulted in your shyness.

As children we can’t always understand what we see and hear.  We make our own interpretations of those experiences and they can affect our entire lives.

What we live by as adults are many times these beliefs we created as children when we couldn’t really understand some things in life.

Is shyness a sign of insecurity?

In many cases shyness is caused by insecurity or lack of self confidence.

As I spoke about above, shyness comes from an experience that we created a belief about.  Whatever that belief is causes us to feel insecure or not confident.

The key to overcoming shyness and insecurity is to change that belief by using the 5 step framework above.  Show yourself that you are confident and amazing and it will fuel you to become more and more secure and confident.

Can shyness be cured?

If a person desires to cure their shyness, they can overcome it quite easily using the law of attraction activities in this post.

Mindset is important to cure shyness.

You can only overcome something if you really want to and if you’re willing to let go of your old limiting beliefs.

You have to be willing to release any negative thoughts that are making you feel less confident and lowering your self esteem.

Using affirmations to get rid of shynessOpens in a new tab. will help you change your mindset and cure your shyness.

Is shyness the same as social anxiety?

Shyness and social anxiety are not the same although many of the characteristics are similar.

Social anxiety is considered a psychiatric condition by the medical community.

Social anxiety is usually much more extreme than shyness where a person will completely avoid any situations involving people that they have to be around or interact with.  These situations feel threatening to the person and cause panic attacks in some cases.








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