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50 Healing Affirmations For Chronic Pain (With Free Printable PDF)

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50 positive affirmations for chronic pain healing

I spent over 15 years dealing with chronic pain in the forms of interstitial cystitis (a painful bladder condition) as well as joint and muscle pain and back pain.  I’ve used healing affirmations to change my health and my mindset and I want to share some of my favorite daily affirmations for healing physical chronic pain that have helped me.

You can use healing affirmations for chronic pain simply by saying them aloud, quietly to yourself, or writing them in your journal.  Be sure you believe what you are saying for them to really be effective for healing chronic pain.

If there are any of these daily affirmations for health that you don’t believe are possible, skip over those for now.  I’ve tried to make all of these positive affirmations for healing statements that most people will be able to get behind, but some may not resonate with you and that’s okay.  Everyone is in a different place in their journey to health. They may feel better later as your pain starts to improve and you feel healthier.

I also have another law of attraction method for healing that I wrote about in this postOpens in a new tab..  It’s helped me so much and I think you’ll love it.

Healing Affirmations For Chronic Pain And Self-Healing

1.  My pain is just my body trying to tell me something.

Many times we’re so caught up in our day to day activities that we don’t listen to our bodies.  Is this pain serving you in some way?  Is it keeping you from feeling any emotions that you don’t want to feel?

2.  I have overcome many obstacles in life and this is no different.

Reflect on all the things you’ve overcome in your life.  I can guarantee there will be a long list.  You can overcome this chronic pain just like you’ve overcome all of those things.

3.  My body is healthy and strong.

Look at all the ways that your body is healthy and strong.  This chronic pain is only one aspect of your overall health.  What other areas are working perfectly?  

4.  My body knows how to heal this all on its own.

Think of all the times that your body has healed on its own.  Those cuts and scrapes or maybe you’ve even had a broken bone or other major injury that your body has healed.  Your body knows how to heal and it will.

5.  My body is here to support me and knows just how to do that.

Your body may be holding on to this chronic pain for a reason.  It is meant to serve you in the best way.  This might be the best way right now.

6.  Pain in my body is just trapped anger. I can release that anger at any time and the pain will stop.

Your body can hold on to anger and rage in different areas.  Releasing your anger and stress can often stop chronic pain.  Forgiveness of yourself and others will help with this as well.

7.  I am grateful for the amazing body I have that does thousands of things without the help of me.

Your body is performing all these amazing functions every second.  You don’t have to think about breathing or beating your heart or digesting food. 

8.  I choose to be happy and healthy.

Sometimes we can block ourselves from the things we desire by not allowing it in.  Make the choice that you will be happy and healthy and you deserve to be.

9.  I am listening to what my body is trying to tell me.

Pay attention to what this chronic pain is trying to tell you.  Are you holding onto anger?  Is there an area in your life where you don’t feel supported?

10.  I choose to focus on peace and happiness every day.

Put your focus on the positive at least for a little while every day.  Being in chronic pain can make us feel so negative and resentful.  Focus on peace and happiness and the things you’re grateful for.

11.  I surrender and allow the universe to take over my healing.

Sometimes we are trying so hard to find an answer to what is causing our chronic pain that we don’t just surrender and let it heal.  

12.  I allow my mind to be calm.

Trying to find a cause of our chronic pain and worrying that it won’t ever go away can make our minds go crazy.  You’re thinking something all the time.  Allow your mind to be calm and your body will calm down as well.

13.  I allow myself to relax and let my body heal.

The body needs rest sometimes to recover.  If you’re constantly going and overachieving, take a break and give you body the space it needs to rejuvenate.  

14.  I focus only on the present moment. The past is just a memory and the future doesn’t exist yet.

Be present.  We spend so much time regretting the past and worrying about the future that we don’t live in the moment.  All we have is this moment right now.  Enjoy it and be grateful for it.  Worrying about your pain going away isn’t going to change anything.  And thinking about how long you’ve had chronic pain isn’t going to change it either.  But taking this moment to release guilt and worry can definitely change everything.

15.  I allow my pain to decrease and I begin to feel better and better.

Do you have days where your pain is a little less or a lot less?  Show gratitude for those moments.

16.  I release all stress in this moment and allow it to leave my body.

Close your eyes and let it all go.  No cares, worries, guilt, anger, stress.  Just allow it to leave and let your body relax.

17.  My body has healed itself so many times before and has the same ability now.

Your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself just like it did all those times when you got hurt growing up.

18.  I appreciate and love my body.

You may feel upset at your body for the chronic pain you have, but I know you have appreciation for all the many things your body does for you.  Be grateful for all of those things.

19.  My body is healing, restoring and filling with energy.

Your body is healing, restoring and filling with energy every second.  That is what is meant to do and it is doing it all the time.

20.  The more I care for my body, the more it cares for me.

It’s easy when you have chronic pain to stop caring for yourself.  You get frustrated and without even noticing, you begin to stop doing things that you used to do to show your body love.  Practice self-care.  By doing these affirmations for chronic pain you are already starting to.

21.  Each day is new and brings new opportunities for healing.

Look at every day as a new opportunity to start fresh and for your body to heal.  Every day you have the chance to have less pain or no pain.

22.  I deserve to be well, healthy and free from pain.

You do deserve to be healthy and free from pain.  Realize and affirm that you do deserve it.

23.  I release all negative feelings about people, incidents and everything else.

Let all the negative feelings go.  Forgive and release anything that doesn’t serve you.

24.  I forgive myself for my mistakes.

We tend to hold onto guilt and anger toward ourselves for far longer than we do toward others.  Your mistakes are in the past.  Let them go.  And they probably weren’t mistakes at all.  Everything in life is part of our path.

25.  I am worthy of good health.

You deserve to be healthy and happy.  You are worthy of being pain free and happy.

26.  I fully accept where I am and am willing to seize the opportunity to grow.

Often we won’t accept that we have chronic pain.  That doesn’t mean it’s okay or that you want it to stay.  Just that you’re accepting that this is where you are right now and you are willing to grow from this experience.

27.  The Universe supports me and loves me through this process.  I am never alone.

It can feel really lonely when you have chronic pain.  Other people don’t understand what you’re going through and can’t empathize because they can’t feel what you feel.  The Universe always has your back and you are never alone.

28.  Positive thoughts about my health will lead to positive health.

Keeping your thoughts positive can allow that negative energy to stop being trapped in your body and leave.  

29.  The parts of my body that are hurting right now just need more love from me.

Show the areas of your body that are giving you chronic pain a little love.  We tend to try to ignore or even treat badly the areas that hurt because we are so frustrated by them.  What can you do to show these areas some love and positive attention?

30.  My cells are renewing every day and creating better health.

Your cells renew themselves constantly.  You don’t even have any of the same cells you had 10 years ago.  You’re getting brand new healthy cells all the time that will lead to better health.

31.  My body deserves to be treated like an innocent child, loved unconditionally and treated with compassion.

Treat your body kindly.  You have to live in it a lot longer.  It deserves to be loved and adored.

32.  I choose thoughts that create a healthy atmosphere for me.

Negative thoughts lead to a negative life.  Choose the best thoughts you can find and focus on those as much as possible.

33.  I am open to new ways to improve my health.

Keep yourself open to any healing paths that may come your way.  The smallest thing can make a huge improvement in your health and pain.

34.  I listen to what my body is saying and treat it with love.

Really listen to what your body it trying to tell you and love it.  We tend to begin to treat our bodies badly when we feel that they are failing us.

35.  I am grateful to be alive in this body.

You need your body to live and you’re here now experiencing this life.  So even though you may have chronic pain, you still get to experience all the other joys in life.  Focus on the beauty of life rather than the pain.

36.  I am surrounded by healing energy.

You are surrounded by healing energy all the time.  You could also seek out natural healers who can provide even more healing energy around. you.  

37.  I am open and receptive to all the healing energy of the Universe.

You have to be willing to receive that healing energy that is all around you.  Allow it in.

38.  Each cell in my body knows how to heal itself.

Not only does your body know how to heal itself, but every single cell can heal on its own without the help of you.

39.  Each day I do something to support wellness in my life.

Do something every single day to support your health.  You can eat healthier, take a walk, do a mini workout that your body can handle, treat yourself to some relaxation, or anything that moves you in the right direction with your health.  And do it every day.

40.  My body is always working toward perfect health.

Your body wants to be healthy.  Know that it is always working to make you healthy.

41.  I accept good health and healing in this moment.

You must be willing to receive good health and know that you are deserving of it.  You are worthy of being well and pain free.

42.  I now choose to release all anger, fear, frustration, guilt, and emotional pain that has been building up inside me.

Allow all the negative feelings to go.  You can do this through meditation or find ways that work for you to release these emotions that can cause pain in the body.

43.  I invite positive energy into my life and body.

Let in all the positive vibes!  Allow positive energy to just flow into you and fill your whole body.

44.  I accept the healing energy the Universe pours into me every single day.

Again, let all the positive in.  Imagine a light coming in through the crown of your head and filling your entire body with healing energy.

45.  I already have everything it takes to heal completely.

Everything you need is already inside you.  You have to be willing to embrace it.

46.  I love every cell of my body.

Your cells are working every second to keep your body working and even allow you to have a body.  Send them some love.

47.  I attract good health like a magnet.

Imagine yourself as a giant magnet pulling all the healing energy toward the areas of your body that have chronic pain.

48.  I am grateful for the lessons my pain has taught me and now I can release it.

Let the pain go.  Sometimes we hold onto pain without even realizing it.  Maybe it serves you in some way.  Or maybe your emotions are holding it in.  Allow it to leave.  

49.  I am worthy of perfect health.

Many of us feel unworthy of so many things in life because of our past experiences.  You are worthy of everything you want.  And you are most definitely worthy of being healthy and without chronic pain.

50.  I welcome perfect health right now.

Now that you know you’re worthy of perfect health, invite it in.  Sometimes I like to open my arms wide when I say this affirmation as if I’m opening up my heart area to bring perfect health in so I can wrap my arms around it.

How To Use Healing Affirmations For Chronic Pain

Don’t forget you should use these positive affirmations for healing chronic pain by saying them or writing them daily.  You can also hang the printable PDF of these affirmationsOpens in a new tab. somewhere like your bathroom mirror where you can say them as you get ready in the morning and won’t forget.

The key to getting results with these healing positive affirmations is to find ones that you really believe. If what the affirmation or mantra says seems impossible, then your mind will automatically tell you it’s not possible.

As your health begins to improve, you can add some new ones that maybe didn’t feel right before.  Be sure to check in with yourself and see how you feel about each affirmation.  If it feels good, use it.  If it doesn’t, skip it for now.

Positive affirmations are a great way to use the law of attraction to heal chronic pain.  I hope these daily affirmations change your health and life!

Here is the printable PDF of all 50 daily affirmations to heal chronic painOpens in a new tab..

Positive affirmations for healing chronic pain

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