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7 Cheap Plant Based Dinner Recipes For When You’re Broke

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These frugal recipes for plant based dinners will allow you to feed you large family a healthy inexpensive meal. Cheap vegan dinners are a simple way to buy groceries on a budget and make homemade supper for two or for 5. Awesome and easy way to eat vegetarian dinner or Meatless Monday. #frugalvegandinners #cheapplantbasedmeals

One of the most awesome things about a plant based diet is that you can eat frugally if you’re on a budget and still have amazing meals.  I’ll admit I get caught up in all the fancy recipes with a ton of ingredients sometimes, but it is so easy to make delicious food without spending a fortune.  I’ve put together some of my favorite cheap plant based dinner recipes when you’re broke or want to save money.

  1. Vegan Pasta Fagioli
  2. 15 Minute Garlic Fried Noodles
  3. Grilled Veggie Kabobs
  4. Mexican Hashbrown Sliders
  5. Garlic Tofu Broccoli Skillet
  6. Tomato And Artichoke Pasta
  7. Vegan Mashed Potato Bowls

These cheap plant based recipes are awesome if you’re trying to cut your grocery bill while eating vegan, but you still want to eat delicious food.  Life is too short to eat boring food!

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7 Cheap Plant Based Dinners For When You’re Broke

These are some of my favorite budget friendly plant based dinner recipes when I need to save money on groceries.

The key to finding inexpensive plant based recipes is to look for ones that don’t have too many extra ingredients like unusual seasonings that you don’t already have or added store bought sauces.  These things can really add up.  If you do choose a recipe with a fancy seasoning that you don’t normally use, try to find other recipes with that same seasoning so you can be sure to use it up and not waste it.

VEGAN PASTA FAGIOLIOpens in a new tab. by The Clean Eating Couple

This plant based dinner recipe is cheap to make and packed with flavor.  I love making recipes that go a long way so you can stretch your dollars or feed a family on a budget and this one fits the bill.

A close up of a bowl of Vegan Pasta Fagioli with a blue linen off to the side.

15 MINUTE GARLIC FRIED NOODLESOpens in a new tab. by Served From Scratch

This plant based noodle dish makes the perfect dinner on a budget if you add some broccoli or another veggie with it.  This is one of my all time favorite vegan recipes.  The texture of the rice noodles and the perfectly delicious sauce makes me feel like I’m eating take out.  This recipe has only a few ingredients and is so simple to make.

GRILLED VEGGIE KABOBSOpens in a new tab. by Simple Fit Vegan

I love making these vegetable skewers with a side of rice for a cheap and delicious plant based dinner on a budget.  I use whatever veggies are on sale for the week to save some extra money on this meal.

These delicious vegetable kabob skewers are a great summer meal idea. Make them on the grill or in the oven! #veggiekabobs #vegetableskewers #skewers

MEXICAN HASHBROWN SLIDERSOpens in a new tab. by Great Grub Delicious Treats

Oh my goodness!  This cheap plant based dinner recipe is perfect for when you’re broke.  It’s only a few simple ingredients and yummy!  I like it with refried beans instead of pinto beans too.  So good!

Mexican Hash Brown Sliders

GARLIC TOFU BROCCOLI SKILLETOpens in a new tab. by Build Your Bite

This cheap plant based dinner recipe is so easy to make and so good!  I love using tofu because it is so inexpensive and adds protein to your dish.  It’s also awesome because it absorbs the flavors of whatever seasonings or sauce you put on it so it can be really flavorful.  I love the tip that she gives in this recipe to make the tofu crispy.

tofu and broccoli

FRESH TOMATO AND ARTICHOKE PASTAOpens in a new tab. by Another Music In A Different Kitchen

I love that this plant based dinner recipe only has 7 ingredients which makes it an excellent option when you’re trying to eat plant based on a budget.  The basil, tomatoes and artichokes pack this dish with flavor and texture and it’s great to feed a family.

Fresh tomato & artichoke pasta with fresh basil in skillet.

VEGAN MASHED POTATO BOWLSOpens in a new tab. by Rabbit and Wolves

This recipe has a few more ingredients than most on this list, but most of them you probably have in your pantry already.  This is plant based comfort food at its finest!  I love mashed potatoes and they’re so great for eating plant based on a budget because they go with so many things and stretch a long way.  These plant based mashed potato bowls have potatoes, veggies and tofu for a complete meal that’s super delicious.

Vegan Mashed Potato Bowls - Rabbit and Wolves

Now you have an entire week’s worth of plant based dinner ideas to make if you’re on a budget or trying to save money.  You won’t be disappointed with these recipes!  You’ll have a variety of different foods and still be able to make dinner on the cheap.

If you haven’t seen this cookbook of frugal vegan recipesOpens in a new tab., you’re going to love it!  It makes eating plant based affordably so easy.  The thing I like most about it is that it doesn’t use a lot of unusual ingredients that you have to go searching for and spend a ton of money on.  It’s mostly ingredients that you can find anywhere.  The recipes are simple and easy to make.  Be sure to try the vegan quesadilla!

Is eating plant based expensive?

Eating a plant based diet is actually really cheap if you choose the right foods.  There are plenty of plant based foods that you can eat on a tight budget and still have amazing meals.  If you make the right choices you could actually eat a plant based diet for $50 a week or less.

If you have a store like Sprouts near you where you can buy foods in bulk, you’ll save even more money on your grocery bill.  The great thing about buying this way is that you can buy the amount you need so you don’t have to spend extra money on a whole package of something if you only need a little.

Cheapest Plant Based Foods

There are so many cheap plant based foods that you can incorporate into your meals.  Try making these the main part of your meal and add seasonings and veggies or fruit.

  • Rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Pasta
  • Flour
  • Tofu
  • Tortillas
  • Corn
  • Bananas

I found myself falling into the trap of eating a bunch of vegan processed foods which is not only unhealthy but expensive too.

I bought this vegan program that shows you exactly how to get started with a whole foods plant based diet as well as how to lose weightOpens in a new tab..  I’ve now lost 25 pounds in the last couple of months and I’m so happy I tried it.  If you’ve fallen into the processed food trap or just don’t know where to start, you should take a look.

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