9 Plus Size Hacks For Curvy Girls - Curves Cardio And Cupcakes

9 Plus Size Hacks For Curvy Girls

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Hacks and tips every girl should know if she's curvy or overweight. Life changing diy beauty tricks, creative ideas for fashion, bras, clothing and solutions to problems that are caused by a little extra fat on your body. Amazing products for thigh chafing, under breast sweat, and more. Plus tips to build your self confidence.As a plus size curvy woman, you may run into problems that can be really annoying and embarrassing sometimes.  I have some plus size  hacks that will make things easier for you to sport your curves and feel confident about yourself.

9 Plus Size Hacks For Curvy Ladies

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  1. Thigh rub and inner thigh chafing is a real pain for curvy girls!  If you’re sick and tired of your thighs getting rubbed raw when you wear a dress, Thigh RescueOpens in a new tab. is going to rock your world!  This thigh rub remedy is made with all natural ingredients so you won’t be putting anything on your skin that will cause even more irritation.  It makes wearing dresses enjoyable again for us thicker thighed ladies.
  2. Under breast sweat is another thing that drives me insane!  Seriously, who wants to be trying to to keep the sweat from dripping from under their boobs all day?  If you get underboob sweat that causes an underboob rash, this Bust DustOpens in a new tab. keeps your breast sweat in check.  It’s especially awesome during the summer.  It’s also all natural so there’s no talc or chemical ingredients. These breast sweat padsOpens in a new tab. do an awesome job of absorbing and getting rid of underbreast sweat.
  3. Don’t try to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit.  If you have a bunch of clothes in your closet that are too small, sell them or donate them and make room for new beautiful things that you feel good about.  Trust me!  You may have reservations about getting rid of your clothes that you “might fit back into some day”, but they are most likely looming over you and making you feel bad about yourself that you don’t fit into them.
  4. If you can never find a sports bra that actually supports you, you’re not alone.  Have you ever been at the gym on the elliptical and had your boob fall out the bottom of your cheap sports bra?  Totally happened to me!  Can you say embarrassing?!  That was the moment I decided I needed to find a sports bra that is suitable for someone busty.  This is my favorite sports bra EVER!Opens in a new tab.  It has tons of support, but doesn’t smoosh your boobs down or give you a uniboob.  It’s the best yoga bra for large busts and is also the best sports bra for cardio and jumping if you have large breasts.
  5. Finding a diet that doesn’t have you starving is always a challenge.  I don’t enjoy diets that have me eating like a bird and feeling hungry.  I decided to go vegan about 2 years ago, but I quickly fell into the trap of eating vegan junk food.  Once I discovered this plant based weight loss plan that allows me to eat until I’m satisfied, I was able to finally stick to something and I’ve lost 32 pounds so far.
  6. Hide your muffin top so you can look great in your favorite jeans or dress.  Some of the body smoothing products smooth one area only to push the fat to another area and make you look ridiculous.   I love this shapewear to smooth everything out.Opens in a new tab.
  7. Looking slimmer in pictures can be a challenge.  We’re so hard on ourselves and over critical.  Many times it’s just that we don’t know how to position our bodies to make them look right in photos.  These are some great tips for looking skinnier in photosOpens in a new tab..
  8. Try this natural bloated stomach remedy on the days you wake up feeling bloated and squishy.  This Cistus TeaOpens in a new tab. is my favorite to beat belly bloat.  I drink it every day to keep the bloat away.  It tastes good with a little sweetener in it.  You should use the same tea 3 times before throwing it out because each time you use it, it releases new polyphenols that are beneficial to your body.
  9. Use self confidence affirmations to get in a positive mindset in the morning.  Negative feelings about yourself can ruin your day in just one minute.  Start your day with positive affirmations to feel great about yourself and change the way you think.  You can use these self confidence affirmations to turn your thinking around. Opens in a new tab. As you notice you’re having a negative thought, turn it around with a positive thought and feeling.  This will change your life!



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Amazing hacks, tips and products. Plus how to build self confidence tips for women. Simple good ideas and hacks every girl should know to feel awesome if you're overweight. Remedies for problems caused by extra fat around your belly.


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