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About Me

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Hi Beautiful!  My name is Cassie and I’m so glad to see you here!  I created this blog to share my experiences with losing weight, improving my health and learning to love myself and life fully.

Photo of me
Hi! This is me.

I myself have struggled to lose weight my entire life.  I’ve crash dieted, nearly starved myself, lost weight, gained weight, hated myself, worked out, and had a job where I sat on my butt all day and barely had a a chance to take 5 minutes to eat.  My life has been a roller coaster where my weight is concerned.  I finally decided to get off the diet roller coaster, live a healthy life, and try to love myself the way I am in the meantime.

I have struggled with health conditions as an adult that were a “mystery” to doctors, which has been extremely frustrating.  I’ve been sent away time and again with no answers.  Through my persistence I found that I had a bad gallbladder, interstitial cystitis, hypothyroidism, uterine fibroids, and adrenal fatigue.  I have fought for my health for the last 15 years and never given up even when I wanted to.   I believe all of these things contributed in some way, big or small, to my weight struggles, lack of confidence and feelings of frustration, guilt, and sadness that have kept me from living life to the fullest.

I’ve also had a difficult time with my emotions throughout most of my life.  I believe I suffered with depression as a teenager even though it was never addressed or diagnosed.  As a child and all through adulthood I’ve always compared myself to other people, felt like I’m never good enough, and been afraid to express my feelings.  Through a lot of self-reflection and learning to really feel my heart and that I’m allowed to have every emotion, I’m beginning to find my self-confidence and a love for myself I’ve never had before.  I’m learning to follow my heart instead of doing what I think everyone else wants me to do.  And I’m starting to experience my life the way I want to finally at 45 years old.

On this blog I’ll share experiences I’ve learned from and obstacles I’ve encountered and how I overcame them.  Being overweight and lacking self-confidence and self-love takes a toll emotionally and physically.  I hope my experiences help you get past the things that are holding you back and become the best version of yourself, but in the end only you know what is in your heart and if what you read here resonates with you.

This blog is for the ladies that struggle on the daily to find happiness within themselves.  I’m still on my own self-discovery and weight loss journey.  I hope I inspire you to love yourself, get healthy, be the best you and most importantly never give up on yourself!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!