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Avoid Eating Too Much Candy At Halloween

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Avoid eating too much candy this Hallloween with these simple diet tips. Stop sugar cravings and lose weight at Halloween instead of overindulging in candy.

Fall is almost upon us and we all know that means the beginning of overeating season!  It all starts with my beloved Halloween.  I’ve always loved dressing up in costume.  Of course there was always the candy from trick-or-treating.   It was always a struggle to avoid eating too much candy.

Candy (especially chocolate) is like a drug for me and many other people.  One piece leads to another and another and before I know it I’ve eaten way too much to undo the damage unless I want to spend the whole day on the treadmill.  I would like to share some tips with you to keep yourself from getting out of control and avoid eating too much candy this Halloween.  These are also great tips for your kids as well.  You can teach them moderation now so they don’t end up learning to binge on candy.

How To Avoid Eating Too Much Candy At Halloween:

  1. Don’t buy your candy until the day of Halloween if you’re handing out candy.  I know you want to give candy to those adorable little fairies and cowboys that show up at your door.  There’s no need to buy it 3 weeks in advance and having it sit around the house staring you in the face.  And guess what!  If you do buy it that early, you’ll likely be at the store on the 31st buying more because it’s all gone (or that’s how it works for me anyway).  Also don’t overbuy.  If you’ve lived in your home for any amount of time, you know approximately how much candy you need to fulfill the dreams of the little trick-or-treaters.  Buy just enough.
  2. Buy candy you don’t love.  It’s going to be really hard to resist eating your favorite candy, but if you buy something you don’t even like, you probably won’t even be tempted by it.
  3. Put your candy in a jar with a lid and somewhere you won’t see it every minute of the day.  Out of sight, out of mind.  If those shiny foil wrappers of your favorite Hershey Kisses are calling to you every time you pass through the living room, it’s going to be very hard to resist.
  4. Allow yourself a set amount of pieces and only for a day or two.  Setting a limit for yourself allows you to still enjoy your favorite candy so you don’t feel deprived, but keeps you from eating the whole bowl.
  5. Savor the candy you do eat.  Don’t just mindlessly pop piece after piece in your mouth without even realizing you’ve eaten it.  Be conscious of it.  Really enjoy the treat that you’re allowing yourself and taste all the flavors.
  6. Before you mindlessly grab a piece of candy, ask yourself if you’re really hungry or are you bored or emotional eating.  Many times we grab something without thinking because we have nothing else to do or we’re stressed.  Be sure you really want that piece of candy to avoid feelings of guilt later.
  7. When your child’s favorites are gone from their trick-or-treat bag, throw the rest away.  I usually had eaten my favorite candies from my bag within the first few days.  The rest I ate because it was there.  Total waste of calories!  Get rid of the ones that no one really likes.  Now, if you’re like me and have a problem throwing away perfectly good candy, the next tip might be a better solution.
  8. Participate in a buyback program.  Buybacks are held at local businesses, traditionally but not limited to dental offices. With the goal of removing excess Halloween candy from kids while supporting our troops.  Check out the Halloween Buyback site here.Opens in a new tab.
  9. Freeze your leftover candy.  Many candies are freezable.  However, if you like your favorite candy frozen, do not do this! LOL
  10. Do something different than trick-or-treating.  You can throw your own party where you are in control of the food and drinks or go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze.  Your kids get to dress up (and you too!) and you can avoid having candy around the house all together.

These tips help me avoid eating too much candy at Halloween.  I hope they’ll help you too!

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Healthy Halloween!




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