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Best Body And Cleaning Products For The Chemically Sensitive

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Are you allergic to everything? If you're suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity, these are the best products you can use for cleaning and personal care. If you're one of many people trying to detox your life and restore your health from chronic illness, you won't want to miss this!This post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.Opens in a new tab.

If you have chemical sensitivities, you know how frustrating it can be.  It’s really hard to find products that don’t cause your body to react.  In this post you’ll find the best body and cleaning products I have found for the chemically sensitive.

I was a nail technician for 18 years and I believe the exposure to all the nail chemicals caused these sensitivities for me.  I have had chemical sensitivities for about 13 years now and I’ve tested lots of products to find the perfect ones that don’t cause any reaction.

I wanted to share my list of products that I use that are all natural and organic that keep my body from reacting for those who are struggling with multiple chemical sensitivities.

The Best Body And Cleaning Products For The Chemically Sensitive

  1. The first product I changed that was giving me major reactions was my laundry detergent.  It’s unbelievable how toxic regular laundry detergent is!  If you’re struggling with skin rashes, itchy skin or any other issues with your skin, I’m sure you will benefit from a natural laundry detergent.  This is the one I use.Opens in a new tab.  It comes scented with essential oils or unscented.  I’ve used both and not reacted to either one.  Just this one change will calm your body down fast!  It’s not super fragranced like the regular commercial detergent, but it has a nice soft essential oil fragrance.  The lavender is my favorite!  Be careful when buying a natural detergent.  A lot of them I looked at still had some pretty harsh stuff in them.  This one I’ve listed here is the most pure one I found.  I also love that it is safe for high efficiency machines and is plant based.
  2. The next change I made was my soap.  Rubbing toxic chemical soap all over your body is not ideal if you’re sensitive to chemicals.  I switched to this one and it changed my life!Opens in a new tab.  I use the bar soap because it’s more cost effective, but if you enjoy a liquid body wash, it also comes in liquid form.Opens in a new tab..  You can also use the liquid as a laundry detergent!  I did that when I first switched from regular detergent, but the one I listed above is cheaper.  Both are great though.  This soap also comes in unscented or scented with essential oils.  I love the tea tree oil or peppermint because they’re invigorating, but they are a tiny bit tingly.  It also comes in almond, citrus, rose or lavender which all smell awesome!  You can buy these on Amazon in larger packs and save money.  I also use this soap to wash my face because every face cleanser I tried was causing my face to be red and itchy.
  3. The next thing I switched up was my deodorant.  All the chemicals and aluminum in regular deodorant are so bad for us.  I started using this one and I really like it!Opens in a new tab.  I like the tea tree scent because it’s a bit stronger than the others in the way of fighting odors.
  4. I also decided I should try an organic shampoo and conditioner because when you shower and wash your hair, the shampoo and conditioner get on your body.  So it only made sense to use something that my body wouldn’t have a reaction to.  I have to tell you this has turned out to be the best shampooOpens in a new tab. and conditioner I’ve ever used.  As a former salon owner, I’ve tried a lot of the best hair products on the market and these take the cake!
  5. I also decided to remove fluoride from my toothpaste so I switched to this one and it is amazing!Opens in a new tab. It leaves my teeth feeling so much cleaner than the toothpaste I used to use.  The fluoride we take in fills in the receptors in our bodies for other elements and wreaks havoc on our bodies.  So there was no question for me about changing up my toothpaste to fluoride free.
  6. I began using a vinegar and water solution to clean my house and floors.  It works great as a window, bathroom and floor cleaner.  I pretty much use it for everything.  Just fill a spray bottle a third of the way with vinegar and fill the rest with water.  It’s cheap, easy and non-toxic.
  7. I also decided to eliminate the toxic room spray we were using in our bathrooms.  I switched to this organic room spray and I love it!Opens in a new tab.
  8. Lotion was another really toxic thing I was slathering my body with.  The crazy thing is that most commercial lotions have mineral oil in them and don’t even soak into our skin anyway.  So you have to keep using more and more and it never really helps.  This one works amazing and I promise you won’t be reapplying it every 5 minutes!
  9. With summer approaching, I want to mention sunscreen.  Again, we’ve been rubbing this all over us to prevent sunburn and it’s completely toxic.  I like this one a lot because it’s a spray so it’s easy to apply.

I hope this list helps you calm your body toxicity down.  I know making these changes has really helped me cope with my chemical sensitivities.  If you only have the money to change one or two, make the change to natural laundry detergent and body soap.  The less toxic stuff you have in your life the better, but just changing those two things will make a huge difference!  Even if you aren’t chemically sensitive, these products could take some of the toxic load off of you body and improve your health.

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