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Bored With Vegan Diet Food? (Try This One Thing To Love Eating Again)

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Are you getting bored with vegan food? This one quick tip will help you live a vegan lifestyle without getting tired of the same old meals. This post by a vegan blogger is great for beginners starting a plant based diet who want to avoid becoming bored and stay motivated to live a vegan life and be a success story of health change and inspiration to others. #veganfoodideas #veganlifestyleI never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be vegan.  I always felt like I needed to eat meat or I’d feel terrible or that I’d crave meat.  So it was quite a surprise when one day I decided I would try a vegan diet.  But what would I eat?!

How do you avoid getting bored with a vegan diet?  You have to get creative in the kitchen.  Trying new recipes is the key to avoiding food boredom on a vegan diet. 

You can find vegan copycats of your favorite comfort foods easily online.  I’ll give you some ideas on how to do that in this post.

Why it’s easy to get bored with vegan diet food

So many people get bored of vegan food because they try to just throw things together.

There are only so many things you can put together without knowing how to use seasonings and what exactly to put together.  I tried throwing some items from my fridge and pantry together to make something, but I got bored of those vegan foods so fast because I was eating the same things over and over again and they were pretty bland.

There aren’t that many restaurants that have a lot of vegan options.

I love going to vegan restaurants, but I live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and there are only a few totally vegan restaurants near me.  It seems like most of the “regular” restaurants only have a veggie burger or some other lame option for me to eat.  I get completely bored with eating a vegan burger at every restaurant.  If you do live in the Albuquerque area, check out Thai VeganOpens in a new tab. restaurant.  You won’t be disappointed!  Wanderlust Vegan EateryOpens in a new tab. is really good too!

How to stop being bored with vegan diet food and love eating again!

Here’s my one solution to this problem of being bored with vegan food, use recipes.  I know it sounds too simple, but oh my goodness I can’t tell you how much I love vegan food now that I’ve been making new recipes and repeating my favorites that I’ve found.

I’ve always loved to cook.  So I set out to find some vegan recipes that sounded good.  It seemed like so many of the recipes had beans or lentils, both of which I am not crazy about.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick with being vegan and I would get bored with vegan diet food if I was going to be forced to eat those two things at every meal.

Once I started trying some recipes, I realized that I actually enjoy vegan food so much more than I liked food when I used to eat meat.  Here’s the thing though, you have to try recipes.  I know, you might be thinking that you don’t know how to cook or you don’t like to cook.  If you want to have vegan food that tastes good, you’re going to want to follow a recipe.

Following a recipe is so simple.  If you can read, you can follow a recipe.  If you don’t know how to cook, find your recipes on YouTube on video so you can see exactly how it is cooked.  Once you’ve tried some recipes, you’ll probably come up with ideas of substitutions you can make or ways you can change the recipe to make it better.

Where to find the best flavorful and delicious vegan recipes so you won’t be bored with vegan diet food

Try searching on Google or Pinterest for vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods.  There’s a vegan version of just about anything you can think of even if it’s typically a meat based dish.  Pinterest is an amazing place to find really good vegan recipes.  That’s my go-to recipe spot.

If you want some super flavorful vegan recipes that are healthy, we received this Thug Kitchen book for Christmas and I can’t believe how amazing the recipes are!  I always have a hard time finding vegan breakfast foods that aren’t boring and the tofu scramble recipe in this book is so freaking good!  I make hashbrowns to go with it and put it in a burrito.  Yum!

I have lots of Pinterest boards with tons of awesome vegan recipes that you won’t get bored with.  So be sure to follow me over on Pinterest!Opens in a new tab.

I’ve also made a few posts that are compilations of my very favorite vegan recipes that I’ve tried that definitely are not boring if you don’t want to spend your time searching for tasty vegan recipes on the internet.

The Best Vegan Dinner Recipes I’ve Made

10 Vegan Cold Packed Lunch Ideas To Take To Work Or SchoolOpens in a new tab.

Make Ahead Breakfasts You’ll Look Forward To Eating

Vegan seasoning ideas to spice up your boring vegan food and make it flavorful and delicious

With the internet at your fingertips at all times, there is really no reason to be bored with vegan food.  Good vegan food is all in the seasoning.  Learn how to season things and you can make vegan food that is far from boring so easily.

Here are a few seasoning ideas for vegan food:

Seasoning for hashbrowns:  garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and black pepper

Seasoning for french fries:  seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder

Simple taco seasoning (put on potatoes or tofu):  chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper

This bacon flavored seasoning is awesome on just about everything.Opens in a new tab. And it’s vegan!  I love it on baked potatoes with a little vegan butter.  Put it on popcorn, veggies, pasta, rice. You name it, it’s good on there.

Start trying new recipes and seasoning your food to make it more exciting and I promise you’ll never be bored with vegan food again.

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