Free Your Fat Printable Workbook - Curves Cardio And Cupcakes

Free Your Fat Printable Workbook

21 Day Free Your Fat Workbook

If you’ve been trying diet after diet only to gain the weight back and then some and feeling like a failure because you just can’t stay motivated to lose weight, keep scrolling…

Can we get real for a second here my frustrated friend?  If I could hear your thoughts would I find you saying things like:

  • I’m too fat
  • It’s hard to lose weight
  • Diets just don’t work for me
  • Being overweight runs in my family so I’m stuck with these fat genes

It’s not like you want to be overweight.

You’ve tried every diet you can think of and exercised until your legs hurt so bad you could barely sit down.  Heck, if you could have a dollar for every diet you’ve tried, you’d be a millionaire.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault.

You see cookie cutter diets don’t take into account that each one of us is different with different thoughts, feelings, cravings, foods we love and foods we hate.

You need to get to the real root of your weight problems and follow a diet that you actually enjoy what you eat.  

Which is why you need a system that helps you understand why you turn to food when you’re emotional and how to fix it, that’s created by someone who gets what you’re going through and has been there herself. 


The Free Your Fat Workbook

A printable workbook with 21 days of activities and journaling to understand and overcome your weight struggles and manifest your dream body even if you feel completely hopeless because you’ve tried everything.


Understand why you keep failing at diets

How to create your own diet that you actually love

How to have more confidence in yourself

How to let go of things that aren’t serving you

How to deal with food cravings

How to squash your negative self-talk

Why you keep gaining the weight back and how to stop it

How to love your body BEFORE you reach your goal weight

How to stop criticizing yourself

How to live more joyfully

And you get access to all of it right now for just $17

Imagine finally getting out of your own way and feeling beautiful and happy.

21 Day Free Your Fat Workbook

Questions That Smart People Ask:

How do I get it?

You’ll click on the Buy button and put in your PayPal information.  Once the payment has been processed, you’ll have immediate access to the workbook and the bonus materials.  The workbook and affirmation cards are instant downloads that you can put right onto your computer and then print.  The morning routine video can be watched from the platform as soon as your purchase is complete.

Is this a diet plan?

No.  Most of the work is mental and emotional.  Diets should be tailored to the individual so you will learn how to choose and create a diet that you can follow for a lifetime without suffering and craving.

Do I have to be into the law of attraction for this to work?

While many of the activities are centered around law of attraction principles, anyone can use this without having previous knowledge about the law of attraction.  The exercises are simple to follow with questions to answer to get to the root of your weight struggles.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

Because of the digital and printable nature of the products, I do not offer refunds.

Why waste another day feeling disgusted by what you see in the mirror?

Slap the button below to grab it for only $17 and stop struggling with your weight.

Stop diet failures now! Get your printable weight loss journal pdf here.