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How To Do 369 Manifestation To Get Everything You Want

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369 manifestation I attract all good things

The 369 manifestation method has been going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms.  I decided to give it a try and see what I could manifest.  I’ll tell you at the end how it went and what I manifested.

What is the 369 manifestation?

369 manifestation is a method of manifesting on paper or in a journal 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times before bed.

The manifesting method is said to be inspired by Nikola Tesla because he was obsessed with the number 3.  Many people are saying that Tesla said that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are the key to the universe, but there doesn’t seem to be actual evidence that he said this.

Regardless of the origin of this manifesting technique, it does actually work (if you do it properly) and there is significance to the numbers 3, 6, and 9.

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The Meaning Of The Numbers 3 6 9 In Numerology

Meaning of number 3

In numerology, the number three holds a positive, upbeat energy.  It symbolizes creativity and unique expression.  It’s about fun, expressing love and joy, and enjoying relationships with others.

The number 3 is about excellent communication, creative expression, and magnetic attraction.

It symbolizes embracing life and living life to the fullest.

Meaning of number 6

The number 6 is about unconditional love, support, nurturing and healing.

It also symbolizes partnerships, especially emotional partnerships.

Romance and connection to feelings and emotions is the basis for the significance of the number 6.

Meaning of number 9

The number 9’s energy demonstrates the completion of a cycle and beginning of a new cycle.

It is an assistant in transition and transformation.

It offers support through hardship without judgment.

Number 9 symbolizes battling your way through hardship and finding strength in the fight.

As you can see these number signify all the important elements of creating what you desire.

The positive, creative energy of number 3 allows you to dream big and decide what you want and communicate clearly to the universe what you want and begin attracting it.

The number 6 gives the support and nurturing and connection to the emotions that are necessary to bring your desires into reality.

The number 9 assists in the transition and transformation and fights through the hardships to complete the cycle and begin a new one.


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It explained what each number means and how it applied to my life.  I found so many instances where my numbers have been significant in my life.

How do you use 369 to manifest?

How to do the 369 manifestation method: steps for success

Decide what you want

The first thing you have to do is really think about what you want to manifest.  Get specific with your intention.  Be sure you know exactly what you want to manifest in detail.

Create your affirmation statement

Use your intention from above and write it as an affirmation.  Remember to keep it positive and detailed so you’re manifesting a precise desire.

Write your affirmation in the morning

When you wake up in the morning before you do anything else, write your affirmation 3 times on paper or in a journal.  In addition to writing your affirmation, also take a moment to feel what it would be like to actually have the thing you’re manifesting.

Write your affirmation in the afternoon

In the afternoon write your affirmation 6 times and take a moment to get into the feelings of what it would be like.

Write your affirmation before you go to bed

Get yourself into a relaxed state at bedtime and then write your affirmation 9 times, taking the time to feel into again.  This time before bed when you’re relaxed is when your subconscious mind is open and more susceptible to suggestions made to it.

How long does it take for the 369 method to work?

You can expect to see the 369 method begin to work within a week if you do the steps every day and if you believe that you can actually have the thing you want.

If you’re having trouble believing that it’s possible, it could take longer.

For example, if you feel like the thing you want is a big deal, you may not completely believe that it’s possible or you might think it will take a long time since it’s a big thing to you.

Those beliefs will slow down the manifestation.

You’ll want to repeat the 369 manifestation technique each day until your desire manifests.

I created these cute 369 manifestation journal pages to make it super simple to use this method.Opens in a new tab.

369 Manifestation journal pages

Can you do the 369 method on your phone?

You can do the 369 manifestation technique on your phone, but your results may not be the same.

It’s best to do this law of attraction technique on paper.  Writing your affirmation is much more effective than typing it into your phone.

When you write something, your mind you develop a stronger understanding of what you’re writing.  This causes your mind to mentally engage and your brain is more likely to accept the information.  Typing doesn’t have the same effect.

What can you manifest with the 369 method?

There are no limits to what you can manifest with the 369 method.  No matter how big or small the thing you want to manifest feels to you, it’s all just energy to the universe.  You can use the 369 method on anything.

You can manifest something that feels like a big deal like a house, a car, a person, a relationship, a job, or weight loss.  Or you can manifest something that seems smaller like a parking space.

You’ll have to keep going with this manifestation technique until you receive the thing you want.  How long you’ll have to do it depends on how much you believe you can have it and how big it feels to you.  It may take longer if you think it’s going to take a long time to get.

Remember that everything always comes in perfect timing.

My 369 Manifesting Examples

How I manifested a house with the 369 method

I was able to manifest a beautiful house that seemed out our budget during a time when there were very few houses available for sale.

This house was way more expensive than our lender originally told us we could spend, but somehow when the time came, we were approved for more than the amount of the house.

We made an offer on the house and the seller accepted it within 2 hours with no counter offer.  This was especially unusual because there were bidding wars going on for houses due to the lack of inventory at the time.

The seller fixed all of the items we asked them to fix as part of our contract without even counter offering.

The important things I did when manifesting this house with 369 manifestation are…

  1. I used the 369 method every single day until we closed on the house.
  2. I believed that I could have the house and knew in my heart that it was mine.
  3. I knew exactly what it would feel like to live in the house because I had imagined and felt it so many times.
  4. I used every chance I had to go to the house (like inspections that I could go to) as an opportunity to feel what it would be like to live there.
  5. My affirmation was super specific about what I wanted.

Here was my affirmation I used to manifest our house with 369 manifestation:

I am so happy and grateful that my 2 story dream house on a 2 acre property has come to me quickly and easily.

How I manifested weight loss with 369 manifestation

I was able to manifest the perfect diet for myself and a 32 pound weight loss using the 369 technique.

The coolest part of it though is that I lost the weight within a few months after struggling for years to lose even a pound.

I’m still losing and not yet at my goal weight.  So this one is still a work in progress.

Here’s how I’m losing weight with the 369 method:

  1. I wrote my affirmations every day in the morning, afternoon, and at bedtime.  I’m still doing it because I haven’t reached my goal weight yet.
  2. I imagine myself looking and feeling the way I want and I believe that I can have it.
  3. I imagine how I’ll act and dress once I reach my goal weight.  For me, I know I’ll have more confidence and have the ability to help more people reach their ideal weight.  So I see myself helping thousands of women reach their goal weight.
  4. I didn’t set a specific weight that I want to be.  I just want to be the ideal weight for my body.  You definitely can set a specific weight though if you want to.

This is my affirmation for losing weight with 369 manifestation…

I am confident and strong now that I am the perfect ideal weight for my body.

I share lots of other ways to manifest weight loss in this post.Opens in a new tab.

Some important things to know about 369 manifestation

You have to be open to receiving what you’re trying to manifest, but not hold on to it too tightly.

One mistake I see a lot people make (and I did too in the past) is that they get so wrapped up in doing the manifestation technique and focusing on it so much that they get wound up about when it’s going to come.

You have to do your part in writing the affirmation and feeling the emotions.  But after that you have to let it go and just know it will come to you.

Don’t spend your time wondering how long it will take or if you’ll ever get it.  It’s already yours.  So don’t stress about it.

Writing the affirmation without feeling the emotions and imagining it is yours will not result in the thing manifesting.

So don’t zone out when you’re writing your affirmation.

If you can’t imagine and write at the same time, take a minute after you’ve written your affirmation to get into the feelings.

How to make 369 manifestation actually work







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