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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Pooch And Muffin Top Fast

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Easy hacks to help you get rid of your muffin top and love handles quickly. See results in 30 days or less! Ideas for diet plans, fitness and exercise and tips to lose your extra belly fat fast.

Are you so sick and tired of getting dressed and not liking what you see in the mirror?  You put on your favorite pair of jeans just to have your muffin top spilling over and making you feel discouraged?  I’m going to share with you how you can get rid of your muffin top and start loving what you see in the mirror and gain back your confidence and health.

Muffin top is caused by excess belly fat.  Extra belly fat is associated with health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.  So not only does it make us unhappy with how we look, it can also cause us to be unhealthy.  That’s why it’s so important to get rid of your muffin top by losing that extra belly fat.


How To Lose Your Stomach Pooch Fast

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  1. The best way to get rid of your muffin top and the extra belly fat is through diet.  It’s really important to follow a healthy diet that you can stick to.  Yo yo dieting usually leads to more weight gain and belly fat in the long run.  Choose a sensible balanced diet that will set you up for success.  Depriving yourself and crash dieting will only lead to failure and not be a lasting solution to losing your muffin top.  Find something that makes you feel happy and satisfied and that you aren’t starving on. This FLAT BELLY DIET has really helped with my  stomach pooch.  Opens in a new tab.I’ve been able to lose a huge amount of my lower belly fat by following this diet and I’m on my way to a flat tummy.  I’ve tried so many diets that didn’t get me results in my belly area.  It was refreshing to find something that targets my main weight loss problem.
  2. Start moving to melt off your muffin top.  If you’re not doing some sort of exercise, you should try adding some.  There are some really fun activities you can do to burn extra caloriesOpens in a new tab..  Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or something you dread.  The simplest form of exercise you can do and nearly everyone can do is walking.  Grab yourself a Fitbit and start tracking your steps and calories burned.  Aim for 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day in addition to a healthy diet to lose your muffin top.  I haven’t been motivated to do any formal exercise lately so I just walk my dogs in the morning to help burn off some of belly bulge.  Running to lose stomach fat is the best exercise to burn the most belly fat.  If you really want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, try this Stomach Fat Burner Body Slimming CreamOpens in a new tab. for a really good belly burner while you workout.
  3. Be sure you’re getting enough vitamins.  Your body uses vitamins and minerals in every cell and function including fat loss.  Take a good multivitamin to keep everything working correctly and maximize your belly fat loss.  If you’re following a diet that eliminates a specific food group, you could be missing some essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly.
  4. Cut out the alcohol.  Alcohol can really make you store extra belly fat.  It has lots of extra calories and works against losing your muffin top.  In addition to the extra calories, it also destroys your liver which is a huge contributor to stomach pooch.  I share how to heal your liver in this post.Opens in a new tab.
  5. Get enough sleep.  Did you know that most of your body’s fat burning takes place while you sleep?  Now if that’s not a reason to get more sleep, I don’t know what is!  Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.  If you have trouble sleeping like I do, try this insomnia activity.  It works like a charm!
  6. Stop stressing.  Stress belly fat is caused by cortisol and can indicate adrenal fatigue.  I know it’s hard to avoid stress.  At least take a few minutes of quiet time each day to just be still, relax and reflect on the good things in life and what you want from your future.  Stress really makes it difficult to lose weight because it causes your hormones to get all out of whack.  So chill out for at least a few minutes each day to help get rid of your muffin top.  I like to do this in the morning, but before bed is a great time too.  This post I wrote is all about how to lose weight with adrenal fatigue naturally.Opens in a new tab.
  7. Try a detox smoothie to reduce belly fat.  If you’re struggling with extra flab around the middle, a detox drink could help you lose that stubborn belly fat.  This is my absolute favorite detox drink because it works and it tastes AMAZING!Opens in a new tab.

If you’re looking for an easy to follow, simple to stick to diet that will help you lose your muffin top fast, check out this BELLY FAT DIETOpens in a new tab..

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Get rid of your muffin top and say bye bye to belly fat and get a flat tummy fast with these simple tips for diet and supplement products. Lose that stubborn hanging lower tummy pooch and those love handles so your pants are comfortable again. Women can lose that stomach pouch in 21 days or 30 days with this easy weight loss program and exercise. Belly fat can be a sign of diabetes and other health conditions. Losing weight and upper and lower belly fat can reduce the risks.





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