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How To Manifest Weight Loss FAST!

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I used to really struggle with my weight until I started intentionally manifesting weight loss.  These are the methods and exercises I use to manifest weight loss fast using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Can You Manifest Weight Loss?

You can manifest anything you want including losing weight.  If you want to manifest weight loss you have to set your intention, believe that you can lose weight, take actions that will lead toward weight loss, and be open to receive your manifestation.

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How To Start Manifesting

how to start manifesting

You are already constantly manifesting.  The question is are you aware and intentional about what you’re manifesting?

Are you manifesting what you want or things that you don’t really want.

To start intentionally manifesting, there are four steps.

How Does Manifestation Work?

The four steps to manifesting:

  1. Intend
  2. Believe
  3. Act
  4. Receive

1. Intend

You first have to decide what you want and set your intentions for what you want.

Get specific with your intention.  Don’t just say “I want to lose weight.”  You could lose half an ounce and have lost weight.  But I’m guessing you’d like to lose a little more weight than that 😄.

What’s your specific weight loss goal.

Instead you could say “I intend to lose 10 pounds.”

I also don’t recommend putting a timeframe around this.  That’s more like goal setting.

Things manifest in perfect timing.

Adding a time limit on your manifestation could also end up causing you to struggle to reach it when you get to step 3 instead of taking the actions that are right for you.

Also you’ll be disappointed if you don’t reach it by the time you set and feel like you failed.  And maybe that wasn’t the perfect time.

2. Believe

You have to believe that you can actually have the thing that you’re wanting.  If you don’t believe it can be yours, it never will be.  You’ll need to know with certainty that it is yours.

Get into the feelings of having what you want.  Really imagine that it has happened and exactly how you would feel in that moment.  Feeling it is the secret to making it happen.

3. Act

What actions can you take to work toward getting what you want?

This should never feel like a struggle.  It should feel easy and like the logical thing for you to do.

Have you ever done something and every way you turned it felt like you were struggling to make it happen and in the end you discovered that it wasn’t right?

When you’re working toward something you’re trying to manifest, your actions should feel like that’s what you should be doing.

I’m not saying you won’t run into any problems ever.  But if you’re constantly battling to make something happen, you’re probably facing some resistance within yourself.

If you find yourself in this place of struggle, take a step back and think about what’s happening.  Why is this a struggle?  Is there some other action that would feel better and be more aligned to manifest what you want?

4. Receive

Be open to receiving the thing that you want.  If you don’t allow it, it can’t come into your life.

Don’t have your mind set that it has to happen in a certain way.  Let it manifest in a way that will surprise you and be more amazing than you ever could have dreamed.

How To Manifest Weight Loss On Paper

Woman writing in a journal, how to manifest weight loss on paper

There are several ways you can manifest weight loss with a pen and paper.  I’ll share a few of my favorites that are the most effective at getting results.

Scripting to lose weight

Scripting is manifesting through writing the story of your life how you want it to be.  To script for weight loss, you’ll need to write down what weight you want to be, what size you want to wear, how you’ll look, how you’ll feel, and how your life will be at your goal weight.

Get as specific as you can about what you want and really imagine what it will feel like to be that person.

You can do this for your main goal or break it down into smaller weight loss goals.

If you don’t believe you can reach your big goal, I recommend starting with a smaller goal that you can actually imagine yourself reaching.

It’s important to be able to feel what it would be like to have that weight loss success so large goals that seem unreachable will remain unreachable if you can’t really believe and imagine achieving them.

If you want to learn more about scripting for weight loss, I wrote this in-depth postOpens in a new tab. about exactly how to do it for the fastest and best weight loss results.

How to manifest weight loss with the 369 Method

I’ve seen different versions of the 369 method for manifesting, but this is the one I like best.

In the morning before you do anything else write down your intention 3 times.

In the afternoon write down your intention 6 times.

Before you go to bed write down your intention 9 times.

To use the 369 method to manifest weight loss, you would write out how much weight you intend to lose, the size you want to wear, or how you want to look or feel.

You can write it in the form of an intention or affirmation.

Intention statement:  I intend to fit into a size 6 and feel confident and beautiful.

Affirmation:  I am so happy and grateful now that I wear a size 6 and have the confidence to be myself.

Remember the feeling is the secret.  Try to really imagine what it would feel like to be that size and to feel confident and know that you look beautiful.

55×5 Method for weight loss

To use the 55×5 method for weight loss you just have to think of what you want.

Turn that desire into an affirmation.

Write the affirmation 55 times a day for 5 days.

Use an affirmation like the one you used for the 369 method above or choose one from the list a little further down in this post.

Make sure to choose an affirmation that you can believe it is possible for you.

Don’t just write it.  Be sure to feel it too.  Imagine yourself at your ideal weight as you write your affirmation.

Guided journaling for weight loss

Using journal prompts like the ones in this weight loss workbookOpens in a new tab. will help you speed up your weight loss manifestation.  These weight loss journal prompts are designed to help you get to the root of what is blocking your manifestation so you can start getting weight loss results instantly.

By using guided journaling to manifest weight loss, you’ll discover things that never would have occurred to you on your own.

Guided journaling for weight loss is the best way to uncover your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goal weight because you’ll be asked questions that you never would have thought to ask yourself.

Write a letter to your body to lose weight

To manifest losing weight you can also write a letter to your body.

You’ll write your letter as if you’re writing to a friend.

Write what your current situation is, your frustrations, your fears, share any and all emotions.  They don’t have to be positive.  Get it all out.

If you have any feelings of guilt about your body for the way you’ve treated it, get that all out on paper too.  Apologize to your body for what you need forgiveness for.

Write what you want and need.

Thank your body for giving you what you want and need and for sending you the answers.

Sign your letter and put it in an envelope addressed to “My Body”.

You can put it in a keepsake box or your journal.  You don’t need to read it again ever.  Pretend you’ve mailed it off.

This is a brief summary of how to write a letter to your body to lose weight.  I wrote a whole post about it in detail here.Opens in a new tab.

How Do You Lose Weight With Affirmations?

Start your day with positive thoughts and affirmations

Weight loss affirmations can be super powerful if you use them correctly.  Where most people go wrong with affirmations is that they use affirmations that they can’t believe are possible.

If you say an affirmation that your mind doesn’t believe, it will automatically negate it and tell you it’s not true.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds and you say “I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve lost 50 pounds.”, you’re mind is most likely going to instantly say “No you haven’t lost 50 pounds.”

A better affirmation might be:  I’m so happy and grateful now that I am eating healthier, my body is loving it and releasing the extra pounds.

Can you see the difference?

Be thoughtful when writing your own weight loss manifestation affirmations so you’re using positive statements that you really believe are true and can happen.  This is the key to making weight loss manifestation affirmations that really work.

As you use positive affirmations to lose weight daily, you will program your mind that these things are actually true and the results will follow.

If you don’t want to write your own daily weight loss affirmations, I’ve included a whole list below to get you started.

If there are any that you can’t get behind and believe, don’t use those until you can start to believe that statement.  As you change, so will your affirmations that you can believe.

Ones that once were unbelievable will seem more true because you’ve grown as a person.

Weight Loss Manifestation Affirmations (That Really Work)

I am getting slimmer every day.

My body and cells know just what to do to reach my optimum health and ideal weight.

Each day I get closer to my ideal body weight.

I release the old thoughts and feelings and the fat cells that go along with them.

Reaching my weight loss goal becomes easier every day.

I am grateful that I have a body that can do so many amazing things.

I feel good about myself.

I am worthy of the body of my dreams.

I appreciate everything my body does for me.

I deserve to be happy and healthy.

I have the power to change.

I make the healthiest choices possible.

I choose to eat healthy foods to nourish my body so it can support me.

I am committed to being good to myself.

I believe in myself.

I am getting stronger and leaner every day.

Eating healthy makes me energetic and vibrant.

I am deserving of everything I want no matter what size I am.

My size does not determine my worth.

I am in control of my weight.

I’m able to face my feelings without using food as a comfort.

Manifesting weight loss is easy.

I am open to receive the body I dream of.

I feed my body with love and I am wonderfully blessed with good health.

Losing weight is easier than I ever imagined.

As I make better health choices, my body responds by releasing toxic fat.

I release old beliefs about weight loss that have been holding me back.

I get to be skinny just for being me.  I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.

Being skinny is my right.

Try using these positive weight loss mantras every day.

You can say them out loud to yourself in the mirror or write them down in your journal.

Only use the ones that you can believe right now.  As you get more comfortable with losing weight you can add some new ones from the list as you begin to believe them.

What Is The Fastest Way To Manifest Weight Loss?

The fastest way to manifest weight loss is to use a combination of Law Of Attraction manifesting techniques.  Using guided journaling, daily affirmations, and subconscious reprogramming all together is the most effective method to achieve your weight loss goals.

The guided journalingOpens in a new tab. will help you discover the things that are holding you back from losing weight.

The daily affirmations will plant seeds of positivity and help you overcome the negative thoughts and feelings so you can turn them around.

The subconscious reprogramming will reinforce what you’ve already begun with the daily affirmations to help you lose weight faster as you change your mindset and draw the results you desire closer to you.

How To Manifest A Flat Stomach

If you want to manifest a flat stomach, you’ll need a positive affirmation for a flat tummy.  I like this one:

I am so happy and grateful now that my belly fat is melting off every day.

Another great way to manifest a flat stomach is to script the story of what your life looks like with the flat belly you dream of.  What does it feel like?  How do you dress?  How is your life different?  What does it look like?

Get specific about every detail you can and really visualize it.  Think of it like a daydream.  Allow your imagination to go wild.

Manifest Weight Loss While You Sleep

If you want to use the Law Of Attraction to lose weight overnight when you’re sleeping, you’re going to love this exercise.

To manifest weight loss while you sleep, start out by getting in a positive vibe before you go to bed.  How you do this depends on what gets you in a high vibe state.

A few ideas for getting in high vibration before bed:

  • Take a bath
  • Read something inspiring
  • Meditate

Once you’ve raised your vibration, take some time to journal.

You can write what you’re grateful for, the best things that happened to you today, your weight loss affirmations, anything that makes you feel good and keeps your vibration high.

After journaling, get into bed and as you’re falling asleep visualize having your dream body.  Imagine what it would be like as if you’re really already there.  What are you wearing?  Who are you with?  What are you doing?  What do you look like?  What do you feel like?

By visualizing as you fall asleep, your dream body will be imprinted into your subconscious mind when it is most open to suggestion.

Do this every night and it will soon become your reality.

How To Train Your Subconscious Mind To Lose Weight

Woman meditating, how to train your subconscious mind to lose weight

To train your subconscious mind to lose weight, you’ll need to uncover some of your negative beliefs about weight loss and understand why you have them.  My workbook Free Your FatOpens in a new tab. will help you do just that.

I used the Free Your Fat Workbook and a healthy vegan diet to lose 32 pounds.Opens in a new tab.

You can also use weight loss affirmations to train your subconscious.  If you say them aloud to yourself in the mirror, it will help reprogram your subconscious mind faster.

Meditation And Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Another way to train your subconscious to lose weight is by meditating or listening to a hypnosis recording.

I used this weight loss hypnosis for 12 weeks and it literally changed my body and my life. 

Each week takes you through a different aspect of losing weight.  In week 2 I was able to discover my emotional eating issues and how to control them.

I found the causes of my weight gain and inability to lose weight.

I actually started incorporating exercise which I had been procrastinating on for months.

Two of the other sessions I loved were the fat melting and turning up your metabolism ones.  These work with your body on a cellular level.  It makes me feel better to know that I don’t have to physically do all the work by myself.  My body is actually working with me instead of against me now.

My very favorite part of the system though is the maintenance hypnosis in the last week.  I’ve lost weight so many times only to gain it back eventually.  I feel like I can actually keep the weight off for good this time.

So many weight loss programs leave you hanging on what to do for maintenance.  It gives me hope to have this maintenance hypnosis in my toolkit so I never have to fail and gain back the weight again.

I recommend using some form of guided meditation or hypnosis rather than just trying to meditate on your own if you want to get the most weight loss results in a short time.  These guided experiences will help you overcome your limiting beliefs so you can lose weight quickly.

I also wrote this post about using the Law Of Attraction for weight lossOpens in a new tab..  I think you’ll like it if you enjoyed this post.



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