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How To Stop Binge Eating Junk Food When You’re Bored

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If you feel like your eating is out of control and you can't stop eating junk food, click through to find out how you can control your eating and food cravings with these tips and habits that will put a stop to binge eating and help with your weight loss.Do you find yourself losing control of your eating?  Do you eat dinner and then find yourself eating an entire package of cookies afterward?  I can totally relate!  I used to be completely out of control when I started eating some delicious junk food.  Sometimes I would even binge on junk food that didn’t even taste that great.  I’m going to share some tips with you on how to stop binge eating junk food when you’re bored.

Binge eating junk food can be caused by emotional issues, bad gut health, and strict diet restrictions.  Healing your gut and emotions and following a healthy diet that you enjoy are the keys for how to stop binge eating junk food when you’re bored.

How To Stop Binge Eating Junk Food When You’re Bored At Night

  1. Be sweet to yourself.  Binge eating is related to emotions many times.  We have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day, most of which are negative.  Pay attention to your thoughts and you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about.  Try to keep your thoughts positive and think good things about yourself.  The binge eating cycle just makes this worse because when we binge eat, we feel guilty and think terrible things about ourselves which just makes us want to binge all over again.  Work on positive self-talk.  I know this might sound weird or hokey, but it works.  We’re surrounded by so much negativity every day.  The most important thing I can say on this is to treat yourself like someone you love.  Give yourself some positive vibes and it will change your mood.  Try some positive affirmations to give yourself a boost.Opens in a new tab.
  2. Pay attention to what triggers your binge eating.  Sometimes binge eating is triggered by boredom or a certain person’s influence.  Do you binge after a stressful day at work?  When you hang out with a certain friend or family member, do you tend to binge?  Does watching TV trigger a junk food binge?  I bet if you give it a little attention, you’ll find a pattern to what is triggering your binge sessions.  Once you know what it is, you can work to change your habits.  For me, my main trigger was watching TV.  For some reason when I would sit in front of the TV, I needed to be munching on something (usually something sweet).  This program really helped me figure out my triggers and change my mindset so I could start losing weight.Opens in a new tab. It was much easier than I expected.
  3. Keep junk food out of your house.  It’s a lot harder to binge on junk food if you don’t have the food readily available.  I know some people say “But I have to have that stuff for my kids and husband to eat.”  They really don’t need to eat that stuff either.  Processed food is not necessary for anyone’s survival.  Keep healthy options for them and yourself to snack on.  It will help you avoid temptation and they’ll be healthier for it too.  I used this SUGAR VACUUM PROGRAM to help me get rid of my junk food cravings.Opens in a new tab.
  4. Don’t give yourself crazy diet restrictions.  If you feel like you can’t have anything good to eat, chances are you’re going to go crazy and eat all the things.  Focus on eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, protein and healthy fats.  Find delicious recipes so you’ll feel like you’re indulging when you really aren’t.  Once I started following a plant based whole food dietOpens in a new tab., my cravings and urge to binge eat went away because I’m able to eat things that I truly love.
  5. Heal your gut.  My experience with binge eating was that I would crave things and just couldn’t stop thinking about it until I just gave in and ate it.  Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop.  I healed my leaky gut by using this.Opens in a new tab.  This was a key factor in how I overcame my binge eating and food cravings.  Your gut is connected to almost every part of your body and it is directly connected to your brain.  Having leaky gut can wreak havoc in your whole body!  If you’ve been eating a lot of processed foods for a while or most of your life, its’ pretty likely you’re gut needs some love.


If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, you can seek professional help from an organization like Overeaters Anonymous.  I had a friend who had success with them and spoke very highly of their services.

Whatever you do, don’t give up!  I know you can beat this binge eating!  Believe in yourself and realize how strong you are and that you can overcome anything.



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Cassie has struggled with weight, health and mindset issues her whole life. She has spent many years working with health practitioners and mindset coaches to bring you the best information possible.

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