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How To Use Scripting For Weight Loss (Fun Law Of Attraction Game)

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How to use scripting to lose weight with the law of attraction

The law of attraction scripting is one of my favorite ways to manifest weight loss.  It’s the most fun way to use the law of attraction for weight loss because you get to pretend that you’re already in your dream body and feel what it would be like to wear the clothes you want, do the things you want and have confidence and self-esteem.

To use law of attraction scripting for weight loss, write in the present or past tense and in as much detail as possible as if what you desire has already happened.  Write down every detail of what it would feel like if you had already lost weight.

Here’s the way I like to use scripting for weight loss and it’s a little bit different than other people do it.

What is Scripting Manifestation?

Scripting is a way of manifesting what you want (in this case, weight loss) by writing the story of exactly how you would like your life to look. I recommend writing your script in a journal or notebook where you can keep all of your manifestation scripting and other law of attraction exercises in one place.

You’ll want to make sure you’re in a good feeling place when you do this because your vibes during this process are important.  You have to feel what it actually feels like to have already lost the weight.

So if you’re feeling like Negative Nancy, wait until a day when you feel a little better so you can get into the positive vibration and bring weight loss and your dream body toward you.

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How To Use Law Of Attraction Scripting For Weight Loss

Write in present tense as if it has already happened.

You’ll want to add as much detail here as you possibly can.  Really feel into what it would be like to be the size you want to be.  The feelings in law of attraction scripting are just as important if not more important than the words you write.

How does it feel to fit into a certain piece of clothing or outfit?

How do you feel in your dream body?

What things are you doing each day now that you’ve reached your ideal weight?

How do other people act toward you and how does it make you feel?

How is your life different than it used to be?

What do you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?

Be careful that you’re not trying to go back to an old version of yourself.  Don’t try to get your high school body back because that’s physically impossible.  You have completely different cells at this time and have evolved far beyond who you were in high school.  You want to be the best version of yourself now.

Avoid writing about negative things.  Don’t write something like “I don’t have to feel insecure anymore.”  Instead write “I feel secure and confident because my body is exactly perfect for me now.”

Write how grateful you are for how you look and feel.

Be sure to include gratitudes in your scripting for weight loss.  Gratitude in law of attraction is so important to get you into the vibration of achieving weight loss.

Write how grateful you are for how amazing you feel and look now that you’ve lost the weight.

Write as many different things that you would be thankful for if you had already lost all the weight you desire.

Write as if you lost the weight weeks or months ago.

I like to do weight loss scripting as if I’m talking to a friend about something that happened a certain amount of weeks or months ago.

I start my law of attraction scripting with the phrase “Remember 6 months ago when ______”.

Writing a remember when script for weight loss would look something like this:

Remember 6 months ago when I decided to start a plant based diet and it changed everything for me?  I started to lose weight so quickly and my body loved the healthy foods I was giving it.  I dropped a whole pants size so fast.  And it was easy for me to stick with this lifestyle because I enjoyed it.  I went right out and bought the cutest skinny jeans that hugged every curve perfectly and I felt so amazing in those jeans.

And of course continue on as long as you can describing every detail about how this would have gone if you lost the weight 6 months ago (or however long ago you choose).

You can also actually talk like this to a friend or family member too if you have someone who would be on board.

Writing and speaking about your weight loss this way tells your subconscious that it is already done.  When you go back and read over it again or keep scripting the story every day, your mind will believe that the weight loss is already done and allow you to start living that way.

Write what your body has done to help you lose the weight.

Think about everything your body does to help with weight loss.

Script about how your cells helped with your weight loss.

How did your metabolism change to help you lose weight?

How were your organs involved?

What is your relationship with food now that you are your ideal size?

Write about how well your digestion works to speed up weight loss.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Think about all the reasons you want weight loss.

Maybe you want to be able to play with your kids or do a certain activity.

It could be to improve your relationship with your partner or with yourself.

Whatever your reasons are, write about how those things are happening for you.

Describe playing with your kids and how you feel or how your relationship has improved with your partner or yourself.

How do you feel?  What things are you thinking and doing differently?

What do you need to do to be that person?

Write down the actions you take to be that skinny version of yourself.

Some ideas are:

  • Working out
  • Eating healthy
  • Doing positive affirmations
  • Self care
  • Working on your mindset

The most important key here is that you should start doing these things now to move you in the direction of achieving weight loss.  Using law of attraction scripting to lose weight and get your dream body will help you achieve that goal, but you also have to take inspired action and listen to the guidance that is shown to you to move you in the direction of the weight loss you desire.

If you do the same old thing every day, you’ll get the same old results every day.  You change one thing and it will change other things in your life.

Continue These Scripting Techniques Every Day For Manifesting Weight Loss

You can either read your weight loss scripting every day and feel the emotions of what you’ve written or write a new weight loss manifestation scripting each day.

I personally like to write it every day because I can add new details that I think of and it helps me get into the feelings again.  When I read it over it doesn’t make me feel as connected to my story.

Do what feels right for you and don’t forget to take the actions to move toward it too!

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