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How To Use Scripting To Manifest Confidence (+ Prompts)

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Are you looking to build your confidence through law of attraction scripting?

If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your confidence, but nothing seems to be working, this law of attraction manifestation method is going to be the thing that changes how you see yourself, boosts your self esteem and self worth and allows you to make your way through this world with your head held high and living life the way you want to live it.

I’ll show you how to use scripting for confidence plus I’ll give you some scripting prompts to get you started.

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What Is Scripting Manifestation?

Scripting manifestation is a law of attraction technique that involves writing a certain scenario just as you want it to be in as much detail as possible.  Scripting manifesting is always written in the present or past tense to show your mind that this event is happening now or has already happened rather than being in the future.

You can manifest anything no matter how big or small with scripting manifestation which makes it perfect for manifesting confidence.

I’ve used it for something as small as a doctor appointment that I wanted to go a certain way and as large as the house that I wanted to live in.

The truth is that these things are only as big or small as we believe them to be.  If you feel like something is a really big deal to manifest, it most likely will be much harder to get.

All things are energy which makes them equal in the ease of manifesting them as long as you don’t hold a belief that makes it more difficult for you to allow and receive it.

So how do you use scripting manifestation for confidence?

How To Manifest Confidence With Scripting

How to use scripting to manifest confidence

Think of a situation where you would normally feel a lack of confidence.

Now script it out exactly as you would want it to be if you were your most confident self.

But write it as if it already is.  DO NOT use the future tense.

For example:

I had to overcome my shyness and be more confident to make my YouTube channel.  It’s something I had been wanting to do and my lack of self confidence was holding me back.

So I wrote down exactly what I wanted it to be like.

I wrote about how I would feel super confident when recording because I am so passionate about what I’m talking about.

I also wrote about how I’m helping so many people change their lives which gives me even more confidence and makes me feel fulfilled and proud of myself.

I even wrote about the comments and emails I got that made me feel even more confident.

The key is to write about every little detail you can think of and really feel what it would feel like.

If you struggle with shyness or social anxiety, be sure to check this out.Opens in a new tab.

Here is a law of attraction scripting template you can use to script to increase confidence.

Scripting Manifestation Prompts For Confidence

Imagine yourself in a situation where you would usually lack confidence, but this time you are confident.

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. What have you accomplished?
  3. What are you grateful for?
  4. What are the best things that happened?
  5. Who is there with you?
  6. What are you wearing?
  7. Where are you?
  8. What does it look like?
  9. What does it smell like there?
  10. What are you acting like?

Using this scripting manifestation method is going to change your life.

Scripting Manifestation Rules

  • Write every single detail that you can think of using all 5 of your senses.
  • Write in the present or past tense.  Don’t use the future tense like, “I will”.
  • Read your manifestation script every single day for 30 days.
  • After reading your manifestation scripting for 30 days, put your script somewhere that you can come back to it later but you won’t dwell on it.  At this point you have done your part and you’re letting go so the universe can deliver it to you.

Does Scripting Really Work?

Scripting works really well for manifesting what you want because you are imprinting in your mind exactly how you want your future to be, but you’re doing it in a way as if it’s already happened.  So your mind believes that this is already reality and doesn’t block you from getting what you want with limiting beliefs.

Do I Script The Same Thing Every Day?

You do not need to keep rewriting your script unless you want to.  Simply reading what you’ve scripted in the beginning every day for 30 days is enough to bring you your desired outcome.

I recommend focusing on only one scripting manifestation for the full 30 days for the best results.

Writing a new script for a new desired manifestation every day puts your focus in too many places at once and will most likely result in you not manifesting any of those things.

Can I Script On My Phone Or Laptop?

You can script on your phone or laptop if you choose to, but it is more effective for most people if they write their manifestation script with a pen and paper.  Writing by hand forces your brain to mentally engage with what you’re scripting.

As you use this scripting manifestation for confidence, you’ll notice your whole personality shifting to the person you want to be.

You’ll hold your head high, your shoulders back and find your voice in situations where you used to shrink yourself so no one would notice you.

By boosting your confidence, you’ll find new opportunities to improve your life in ways you never imagined.

Other Ways To Boost Confidence With Law of Attraction

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