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How To Write Super Effective Affirmations For Manifestation

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Have you been saying or writing affirmations but they just don’t seem to be working?

I’ll show you why your affirmations aren’t working and how you can write super effective affirmations for manifestation that actually work.

The #1 Reason Your Affirmations Aren’t Working

The reason your affirmations aren’t working is because you don’t actually believe them.

Most positive affirmations stretch things a little to far for them to be believable to the mind.

Instead you need to ease into it.  You can’t go from point A to point Z in one step.

For example:

If you’re lacking confidence, an affirmation you might try to use is “I am confident.”

But if you aren’t confident, your mind will immediately think “No, you’re not.”

A better affirmation to start with would be “I am becoming more confident every day.”

If you’re working on building your confidence, your mind will be able to get on board with this idea.

Once you’ve said that affirmation for a while and feel comfortable with it, you can stretch it to something like “I appear confident to other people.”

Eventually you can work your way up to “I am confident.”

By taking it step by step like this, you’re allowing your mind to ease into believing the affirmations you’re saying and it won’t feel untrue.

All of the affirmations I create are with this process in mind.  I never want to push someone too far so that they feel like their daily affirmations aren’t working.

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How To Write Your Own Effective Affirmations For Manifestation

fill in the blank affirmation templates

Use the present or past tense

Write your positive affirmations as if they are happening now or have already happened.

Avoid using terms like “I will _____”.

Say “I am _____” or “I choose to ______”.

Use feelings and emotions

Include feeling words in your affirmations, but you also have to feel the emotions when you say or write your affirmations too.

Take the time to really feel what it would be like to be or have what it is that you’re saying in your affirmation.

This is so important because your mind will start to believe that it is already true if you can feel it as if it’s happening.

Leave out negative words

The words “don’t”, “won’t”, “not”, etc. should never be included in your positive affirmations.

Put a positive spin on whatever it is.

For example:

“I don’t feel self conscious anymore” could be given a positive spin to “I always feel confident in every situation”.

Also don’t use words like “debt” or “illness”.  Whatever you are focusing on is what will be attracted to you.  Focus on and use positive words like “abundance” or “healthy”.

Only affirm the things that you actually want, not the things that you don’t want.

Write or say your affirmations daily

The repetition of your positive mantras is what makes them really work for you.

Do your affirmations at least once a day, but I recommend writing or saying affirmations 3 times a day for the fastest results.

The more you can program your mind to manifest what you want, the faster and easier it will come to you.

Say your affirmations first thing in the morning when you wake up before you do anything else, one time during the day, and again right before you go to sleep.

You can also write your affirmations any time you encounter a situation where you are feeling low energy, low vibe, low self confidence, etc.

Fill In The Blank Positive Affirmation Templates

Use these fill in the blank affirmation examples to create your own powerful affirmations for abundance in any area of your life.  These can be used to manifest anything you want in life.

The right _______ are attracted to me.

I rapidly progress toward _______.

I create my own _______ to _______.

I am _______.

I choose to be ________.

I have ________.

I am focused on ________.

I choose ________.

I can overcome ________.

I know ________.

I am achieving ________.

I am fully committed to ________.

I pursue ________.

I act like ________.

I surround myself with ________.

People like me because ________.

I believe ________.

I am determined to ________.

I radiate ________.

I allow ________.

My positive energy attracts ________.

I give ________.

I make decisions based on ________.

________ is flowing toward me.

I increase my ________ by ________.

I inspire ________.

I hold the power to ________.

How Many Times Should I Say An Affirmation?

You should say an affirmation until you feel a shift in your energy.

As you say the positive affirmation and feel what it would be like to be or have that, pay attention to how your mind and body are responding to it.

Once you feel your vibration change to where you feel higher vibe, you can move on to the next affirmation.

If you say an affirmation and get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, that means you can’t believe that affirmation right now.

Don’t continue to try to use that one.  Find a different one that makes you feel good and you can work your way up to the original one.



Cassie has struggled with weight, health and mindset issues her whole life. She has spent many years working with health practitioners and mindset coaches to bring you the best information possible.

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