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Intermittent Fasting Benefits-What Everyone Should Know!

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Learn the intermittent fasting benefits for long term weight loss and health! Change your metabolism and your life for good!Intermittent Fasting Benefits

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Intermittent fasting benefits and how it changes your body is a fairly complex topic.  Today I’m going to share the many benefits you can experience by intermittent fasting.

If you want a complete guide on the ins and outs of why intermittent fasting works and how exactly to do it, I highly recommend The Obesity CodeOpens in a new tab..  It is written by a doctor who treats diabetic patients by using intermittent fasting.  You can read the ebook right now!  There is tons of information on the science behind why this works and how it works in this book.  I had so many AH-HA moments while reading it.  I now understand why my body has been responding to diets the way that it has (which is barely at all!) and how I can fix it!

*Diabetics and anyone with a health condition should be supervised closely by a doctor when using intermittent fasting.

6 Major Intermittent Fasting Benefits:

  1. Your body will switch from burning glucose for energy to burning fat for energy.-This is a completely natural way of life and not detrimental to your health in any way.
  2. Insulin levels decrease and insulin sensitivity is improved.-This is the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle!  Isn’t that what we’ve all been looking for?!
  3. Long term weight loss-most diets restrict the foods that cause increased insulin secretion, but don’t address insulin resistance. -You have initial weight loss, but insulin resistance keeps your insulin levels and body’s set weight high.  So eventually the weight comes back on.  By fasting, you can reduce insulin resistance and reset your body’s set weight and keep the extra pounds off long term.
  4. Increases growth hormone-Growth hormone increases availability and utility of fats for fuel.
  5. Revs up your metabolism.
  6. Prevents your body adapting to the same constant diet each day-Your body adapts to decreased calories over time.  Intermittent fasting prevents the ability to adapt and prevents the dreaded weight loss plateau.

I am just starting my journey with intermittent fasting based on what I’ve read in The Obesity CodeOpens in a new tab. .  I am so anxious to share my results!  An update will be coming in a month or so!

I’d love to hear in the comments if you use intermittent fasting or if you’d love to join in and try intermittent fasting with me!  It’s always fun to have buddies to help motivate you!

P.S.  In the book it states that it could take up to a month for your body to respond because of your body’s set weight.  So be patient and give it time to work!  This is one of my major flaws.  I tend to give up too soon.

Here’s the best book on intermittent fasting:

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