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Free Printable Affirmation Cards To Overcome Shyness FAST

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Use these free printable affirmation cards for adults to overcome shyness fast. 

The mantras on these printable pocket cards allow you to make a declaration of your intent to get rid of your shyness and begin living the life you want to live.

These positive words of affirmation for shyness and social anxiety will help you with self acceptance and approval in your daily life.

How To Use The Printable Daily Affirmation Cards To Overcome Shyness

These printable self affirmation cards are the perfect size to keep in your pocket, wallet or purse so you can access them all day.

I recommend reading them in the morning as soon as you wake up, at least one time during the day, and right before you go to sleep as you’re in bed.

You can also use these printable self affirmation cards anytime you encounter a situation that makes you feel shy or know you’re going to face a time that day that you would normally feel shy.

You can boost your self esteem before an event that would usually cause you to feel shyness or social anxiety so you can go into it feeling more confident and self-assured.

*NOTE* Your cards may start to get really worn out after a little while of use.  If you want to make them last, these self adhesive laminating sheetsOpens in a new tab. are awesome for preserving your affirmation cards.

You don’t need a laminating machine.  All you have to do is put the card in between two layers and press around it to create a seal and then cut around the seal.

Printable Positive Affirmation Cards For Shyness To Print Out

Print out these cute heart design affirmation cards with statements and sayings to guarantee success with getting rid of your shyness.

These fun daily affirmation cards also include a few blank affirmation templates so you can write your own affirmations to overcome shyness too.

You can use the blank affirmation cards to write positive quotes, sayings, or promises to yourself that will uplift you and help you achieve your goal of overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

Just click here or on the photo below to access the free printable affirmation cards pdf.Opens in a new tab.

Free printable affirmation cards to get rid of shyness

Affirmations for self esteem and confidenceOpens in a new tab.

How to write your own powerful affirmations with fill in the blank templatesOpens in a new tab.

Printable PDF of affirmations to overcome shynessOpens in a new tab.




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