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Stuck At A Weight Loss Plateau On A Plant Based Diet?

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If you're a beginner starting a plant based diet or you've been going vegan for quite a while and have reached a weight loss plateau, you definitely want to see these awesome ideas for what could have you stuck in a rut losing weight and tips to start losing weight again. Eating healthy whole plant based foods or raw vegan seems like great nutrition, but there may be some hidden pitfalls that are causing a weight loss stall. #plantbaseddiet #goingvegan #vegandiet

Starting a plant based diet journey is fun and rewarding in so many ways, but when you find yourself stuck at a weight loss plateau on a plant based diet, you might start to feel frustrated with your new vegan lifestyle especially if your main reason for doing it was to lose weight.  I’ll share with you the most common problems that creep up and cause your weight loss to stop.

The main things that can cause a weight loss plateau on a plant based diet are eating too much fat, refined sugar or processed vegan foods and consuming too many calories by eating in restaurants often.  Another factor that can cause a weight loss stall is stress.

Now let’s get a little more in depth on each of these things and what you can do to break through that weight loss plateau and get back to losing weight right away.  If you’re vegan and not losing weight or not getting the plant based diet results you want, these tips will help you have your own plant based diet transformation.

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Things That Cause A Weight Loss Plateau On A Plant Based Diet

Eating too many processed meat and cheese replacements can cause a weight loss stall.

It’s easy to get carried away with processed foods when you see in the grocery store that they have a vegan replacement for just about every meat and cheese product.  Unfortunately, these items have a lot of extra stuff in them.  Many of the meat substitutes are high in fat and calories.  Stick to the basics of whole foods while you’re trying to lose weight.  If you need some whole food plant based recipe inspiration, this week of free plant based bowls is a great place to start.Opens in a new tab.

Eating added oils and fats on a vegan diet can get you stuck at a weight loss plateau

A low fat plant based diet will help you bust through a weight loss plateau on your plant based diet.  Check labels of everything you eat to see the fat content.  Instead of using oil to saute veggies, use vegetable broth.  This plant based diet is healthy, low fat and will help you break your weight loss stall.

Eating too much sugar can stop weight loss on a plant based diet

If you’re adding sugar, coconut sugar, agave and maple syrup to things on a regular basis, you might be eating too much sugar in your plant based diet and causing a plateau.  A little bit is ok, but if you think you might be going overboard, cut back on your sugar intake and see if it makes a difference in your weight loss efforts.

Eating a lot of bread and processed flour foods instead of whole foods can halt your weight loss

If you’re eating bread items and cereals, this might be the culprit causing your weight loss stall.  Try limiting the amount of processed carbs and stick to whole foods like brown rice, potatoes, quinoa and oats to break your weight loss plateau.

Eating in restaurants too often can add up in calories and keep you stuck in your weight loss efforts.

I love eating in restaurants, but when you see the amount of calories and fat some of the dishes have in them, it’s crazy.  At one restaurant I went to, just a veggie burger had over 1,100 calories!  I don’t count calories or recommend counting calories, but I’m also realistic and know that they do matter somewhat in weight loss.  Eating almost a day’s worth of calories in one burger can’t be a good thing.  Try to limit eating in restaurants to once a week or less to get past your weight loss plateau on a plant based diet.

Holding on to stress and anger can cause your body to stop losing weight.

Mindset can be a huge factor in a weight loss stall.  I developed a method to release the anger and frustration at yourself and your body Opens in a new tab.around weight loss and health so you can start living healthily and lose the weight easily.  It’s truly freeing and will leave you feeling lighter and less stressed.

Change your mindset for losing weight

The way you think about losing weight can make or break your plant based diet or any diet for that matter.

Do you truly believe that you can lose weight?

Do you think that losing weight is hard?

What are your past experiences with losing weight?  Did you struggle or was it easy?

All of these factors play a role in your weight loss success or failure.

I struggled with my mindset for losing weight for years because I grew up with a mother who had a hard time losing weight, couldn’t stick to a diet, and believed that it was difficult to lose weight.

I began to believe all of those same things that she told me and I observed in her as a child.  By the age of 9 I was going to Weight Watchers meetings with my mom and following the program because I had already started to put on the pounds.

As I made my way through my teenage years I continued to struggle with my weight and my mindset.  It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I realized that I had to find a diet that made me feel happy and satisfied to be able to stick to it.

I also found that working through the beliefs that losing weight was difficult was how I could get into the mindset of losing weight and break through any plateaus that were holding me back from achieving my weight loss goals.

I used my own journal and experience to create this workbook to help you change your mindset for losing weightOpens in a new tab. so you can bust through the beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your ultimate weight loss success story and causing you to plateau on your diet.

21 Day Free Your Fat Workbook



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