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Vegan Easter Basket Ideas (That Are Unique and Awesome!)

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Awesome ideas for vegan Easter baskets. Vegan candy, food, treats, chocolate bunnies, and creative and unique non candy vegan Easter basket ideas for adults, teens, and kids following a plant based diet and lifestyle. #veganeasterbasketideas #veganeaster

If you’re making an Easter basket for a vegan friend or family member and want it to be awesome and knock their socks off, you definitely want to check out these unique vegan Easter basket ideas that are sure to impress.

What do you put in a vegan Easter basket?

This can vary depending on who the vegan Easter basket is for and what they like, of course, but there are lots of vegan plant based Easter treats that will make your Easter basket extra special.

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What Easter candy is vegan?

There are a few vegan options in your grocery store Easter candy aisle.  Sour Patch Bunnies, Sweet Tarts and Skittles are vegan.  Aside from that, it’s a challenge to find vegan Easter candy in stores.  I’ve listed below some of the best vegan candies that will make your vegan Easter basket extra awesome.

Vegan Easter Candy

Vegan Chocolate Eggs Filled With Candy Like M&Ms and Peanut Butter CupsOpens in a new tab.

These egg shaped containers are filled with chocolate candies reminiscent of traditional favorites.  These are such cute chocolate treats to add to a vegan Easter basket.


Vegan Chocolate Easter BunnyOpens in a new tab.

Every Easter basket has to have a chocolate bunny!  This milkless chocolate Easter bunny looks and tastes just like the traditional ones, but it’s vegan.


Vegan Easter LollipopsOpens in a new tab.

These vegan Easter lollipops are so cute!  I loved white chocolate as a kid and it’s challenging to find white chocolate that’s vegan since it’s typically made from milk.  These will be a cute and yummy addition to your vegan Easter basket.


Vegan Chocolate TrufflesOpens in a new tab.

Who doesn’t love truffles?!  These vegan chocolate truffles come in different yummy flavors to tempt your taste buds and are an elegant touch to a vegan Easter basket for an adult.


Vegan Coconut Milk CaramelsOpens in a new tab.

Caramel is my favorite candy (after chocolate 🙂 ).  I was so happy to find these coconut milk caramels.  I love that they’re individually wrapped so you can put them in more than one Easter basket.


Vegan Bunny Treat BagOpens in a new tab.

This could be a vegan Easter basket idea on its own.  The adorable bunny bag is filled with vegan fruity and chocolate sweet treats.  It would look adorable inside an Easter basket or as a gift basket on its own.


Vegan Jelly BeansOpens in a new tab.

Vegan jelly beans can be difficult to come by.  Most of them use beeswax and shellac (which is made from beetles) to make them shiny.  I was so happy to find these sour jelly beans that are vegan and don’t have a bunch of junk ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors.


Vegan Gummy Bunny SnacksOpens in a new tab.

Vegan gummy candies are also hard to come by since many of them contain gelatin.  These fruit snacks are a great alternative and are even colored with natural colors instead of artificial.  The brand’s logo is a bunny making them perfect for a vegan Easter basket treat.



Vegan Baked Goods For A Plant Based Easter Basket

Vegan CookiesOpens in a new tab.

Cookies!  This brand, Enjoy Life, makes my favorite chocolate chips and these vegan soft baked cookies do not disappoint.



Vegan BrowniesOpens in a new tab.

These vegan brownies are perfect for Easter baskets because they come in twin packs.  This brand also has other flavors of baked goods in this listing like blueberry fig bar.  So yummy!


Vegan Cake MixOpens in a new tab.

If your gift basket is going to someone who likes to bake, this vegan cake mix is the perfect gift.  Pair it with the hazelnut spread below as a frosting for a drool worthy gift idea.

Vegan Spreads

Vegan Hazelnut SpreadOpens in a new tab.

This hazelnut spread is a great alternative to Nutella (which is not vegan).  I also love that it’s sugar free too!  It would make a great frosting for the cake mix above.


Vegan Cookie Butter and Dipping SticksOpens in a new tab.

You have no idea how excited I was to find out that Biscoff cookie butter is vegan!  These cute snack packs of cookie butter and dipping sticks are a perfect vegan Easter basket stuffer.  If you haven’t tasted this stuff, you’ve got to!  Non-vegans will love them too!


What do vegans get for Easter besides candy and sweets?

Vegan Easter Basket Savory Snacks

You can put popcorn in a vegan Easter basket.  Just be sure it doesn’t have butter, cheese, caramel flavor as these usually contain milk products.  Check the label.

Potato chips that are plain or bbq flavor are usually vegan.  Again, check the label to be sure.  Lays plain potato chips are vegan.

Nuts and seeds are all vegan.  If you can find a trail mix that is just nuts and dried fruit without any chocolate, that’s also a good option.

Fruit or applesauce cups are a healthy idea for a vegan Easter basket.

Some crackers that don’t have flavoring are vegan.  Check the label to make sure there are no milk or animal products in them.

Non-Food Vegan Easter Basket Ideas

Funny Vegan T-ShirtOpens in a new tab.

This shirt will make any vegan laugh.  We’ve all been asked at least a few of these questions if not all of them.  If you want to put a smile on their face, this is the Easter basket idea to do just that.  It comes in men’s, women’s and youth.  So it’s perfect for anyone.


Thug Kitchen CookbookOpens in a new tab.

My sister got us this recipe book as a gift and the recipes are so delicious!  I’ve always loved to cook, but when I started eating a plant based diet, I found it even more fun to find new foods and recipes that are super tasty.  There are cuss words in this book.  So if your gift recipient is easily offended, this may not be right for them, but I find it hilarious.  The recipes are easy to make and flavorful and the way they’re presented is entertaining.  It’s a great addition to a vegan Easter basket for someone who enjoys cooking and trying new foods.


Ella + Mila Cruelty Free Nail Polish

This cruelty free nail polish is perfect to add to an Easter basket for a woman, teen or little girl.


Unicorn Snot Glitter Lip GlossOpens in a new tab.

Unicorn Snot glitter lip gloss is the perfect cruelty free beauty product to add to a vegan Easter basket.  Whoever receives it will get a kick out of the name too!


Bulldog Skincare Set For MenOpens in a new tab.

Bulldog skincare is an awesome idea for an Easter basket for a man.  The brand is committed to cruelty free skincare are hair care making it the perfect vegan Easter basket stuffer.


Essential Oils Gift SetOpens in a new tab.

An essential oils set is a great idea to add to a vegan Easter basket for men or women.  This set is a good basic starter for someone just getting into essential oils to try.  Lavender oil is my favorite because it’s helps with relaxation and sleep.  I love tea tree oil for its healing properties.  Orange and lemongrass both smell AMAZING!


Where to buy a vegan Easter basket?

If you’re not up for putting together your own, you can find vegan Easter baskets on Amazon.  I love that they come with a variety of vegan snacks and sweet treats.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

Vegan Snacks AssortmentOpens in a new tab.

This is a great way for vegans to find some new brands and sample lots of different products and you get to be the star who introduced them to these amazing things!  It comes in a gift box so there’s no need to buy a basket.  Just use the box as your basket.


Dried Fruit Easter BasketOpens in a new tab.

This dried fruit comes with a container that can be used as a basket or tray and is a cute design that can be used all year, not just at Easter.  This is a healthy alternative to a traditional Easter basket for vegans.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to make an amazing vegan Easter basket.  There are a lot of fun things to put in one to make it unique and awesome.

Happy Easter!


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