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Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet And Have Willpower?

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Do you keep failing at your diet and beating yourself up for your lack of willpower? Do you wonder "Why can't I stick to my diet"? Maybe you crave sugar or just love food and don't have self control or motivation. These simple tips will help you stop cheating on your diet and start losing weight and get healthy!Why can’t I stick to my diet?


I know you’ve heard this term and probably used it yourself in regard to dieting.  Well I’ll be the one to tell you that it’s all a crock!

We start out on a diet where we have all of these restrictions, can’t eat any of the things we love and frankly, I’ve gotten quite depressed on some diets because of this.  I mean who really wants to live every day denying themselves of things that bring them joy in life?

When we fail at our diet which wasn’t designed for us to be successful anyway, we feel guilty and ashamed that we couldn’t have enough willpower to stick to it.  We feel like such a failure.

Why is it so hard to stick to a diet?

  1. Your diet is too restrictive.  I think the most important part of sticking to a diet is listening to your body.  I did a low carb diet in my 20s.  I lost 90 pounds, felt great and got in the best shape of my life.  My body was loving that diet at that time.  I tried a low carb diet again in my late 30s and I felt completely horrible.  I felt like I couldn’t digest the food properly and I didn’t lose anything.  In fact, I gained a few pounds!  I now listen to my body and what it needs to do its job.  If I try a way of eating that doesn’t feel good, I don’t continue with it.  A healthy vegan dietOpens in a new tab. is what feels good to my body and gets me results.  I honestly haven’t felt this good in years!  Not to mention, I’m actually losing weight.
  2. You have uncontrollable sugar cravings.  It is impossible to stick with a diet if you can’t stop thinking about all the sugary goodness that you can’t have.  I know.  I’ve been there.  It isn’t pretty!  My sugar cravings would haunt me until I just ate whatever I was craving.  I couldn’t get them out of my head no matter what I did.  I would read online to just have some water or go for a walk and they would subside.  Are you kidding?!  That doesn’t work!  So I would give in to the sugar monster and eat that sweet goodness.  And then of course, I would have the feelings of guilt and shame for failing myself.  THIS IS HOW I KICKED MY SUGAR CRAVINGS FOR GOOD.Opens in a new tab.
  3. You’re dieting only to lose weight.  I know we all want to lose weight and that’s usually the main goal of going on a diet. But what if you changed the way you look at dieting?  Stop focusing on the scale and focus on how you feel.  If you’re eating healthy food and listening to what your body needs, you should be feeling great and the weight loss will come with that.  The more we stress about the scale and pressure ourselves to lose the pounds, the more a diet sucks.  Are you eating in a way that you can live with for the rest of your life?  If not, search for the diet that makes your body happy and your mind happy.  I’ve put my scale away and am focusing on what makes my body feel good and I’m so much happier!  And I know I’m losing weight because my clothes are getting loose.  Who cares what that scale says?! Wouldn’t you rather see your pants size go down than a number on the scale?
  4. You’re deficient in vitamins and minerals.  A lack of essential nutrients can cause all sorts of problems in our bodies.  I was deficient in several nutrients including vitamin D and the B vitamins.  It took me a long time to figure it out, but a gut bacteria imbalance was causing my nutrient deficiencies.  These bad gut bacteria were using up all of my vitamins and leaving none for my body to use which caused all kinds of crazy symptoms in my body that I would never have thought would be related to my gut or vitamins.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause cravings that make you fail at your diet.  This is how I got my gut balanced so my body can use the nutrients I put into it.Opens in a new tab.

How To Have More Willpower

The most important things you can do to overcome your lack of “willpower” are to listen to your body and talk to yourself positively every day.Opens in a new tab.  Negative thoughts about yourself just bring more negativity.  Instead of beating yourself up, take the time to try to figure out why you can’t stick to your diet.

Maybe you have one of the issues above or maybe there’s an underlying issue that’s causing you to hold on to the extra weight as protection.  I had so many health problems in addition to the extra weight.  I was super angry at my body for failing me.  I wrote a letter to my bodyOpens in a new tab. which allowed me to release the anger and negative feelings and the weight started coming off finally.  Negative thoughts and emotions can cause you to sabotage your weight loss without even realizing it.

If you feel like mental and emotional issues are the thing that’s killing your willpower and sabotaging your diet efforts, check out this program from Marissa Peer.Opens in a new tab.  She’s a famous hypnotherapist and her program will help you get to your perfect weight by changing your mind.  it helped me get past my diet sabotaging.

Trust in yourself and put in the time to try to understand what is happening and why so you can correct it.  In the medical world, doctors seem to look for a quick fix band-aid rather than finding the root cause of a problem.

As a society, we all want instant gratification.  I fully believe in finding out what is causing your problem so you can fix it permanently rather than just masking the symptoms.  If you’re having cravings, there’s a reason.  If you’re body doesn’t respond well to a certain diet, there’s a reason.  Your lack of willpower is your body trying to tell you something.  Listen to it.

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